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How to attract women who are far from average? Dating beautiful women isn’t rocket science!

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Watch the subtitled video above if you prefer to listen to my advice.

In today’s video we have an interesting topic about attracting highly attractive women. Women who are far from average, and the reality is that it’s really not that difficult. So a lot of us, especially those of us who grow up a little bit more insecure, maybe a little bit anxious, shy, we don’t think that we can talk to these really attractive women. That we can date them. But the reality is it’s not rocket science. It’s all about being in their orbit. Being visible to them is a first good start and it’s possible to date really attractive women. And you can do that with small changes in your behavior. So I got an email from a client of mine who is a pretty shy guy and he basically wants to date some really hot women, in a nutshell. So I got a message from one of my clients. I had a coaching session with him before that was probably two months ago and he basically wants to date very attractive women.

He’s a bit shy, so he doesn’t really know how to approach women & how to talk to them. And so I talked to him through his problems and what we can do about them. What he can do about them. And it’s starting to work. So let me show you what is he saying. He already booked a follow-up coaching session with me but I thought that this specific email that he sent me was a really good example of how you can really attract beautiful women and how it’s not that hard. So let’s get into the situation and see what is my advice. Let’s get ready to unleash the king within.

Hi Andy, I want to give you an update. Your advice has worked its magic. It’s like the magic wand question really performed some magic. I want to book a coaching session about this girl that I met a few weeks ago.

So if you don’t know what he’s talking about… Like magic wand? What did he say? Magic wand question, basically, sometimes I ask my coaching clients “Imagine what if you had a magic wand and you can just wish for anything?” You want to date a really hot woman? You want to fuck really hot women? You want to hook up very often? You want to marry your dream woman? Whatever it is that you dream of, what if you had a magic wand and you can just imagine “This is what I want!“… No restrictions! No limits placed on yourself. Because a lot of us do that. We think we can’t get the things that we want in life and beautiful women is one of those things that some of us, especially those who grew up very insecure and shy, think that we can’t have.

But the truth is: You can have these things. You’re just telling yourself that you can’t have them. And so we basically did the exercise with him. Okay, what is it that you want? If you had a magic wand, imagine what you want to have in the next three months? And so he basically told me that he wants to date these girls that you see on TikTok, TikTok videos, or reels. Basically, really hot girls that you’re basically thirsting after. Right, so these kind of women that are just basically fantasy for him and so he wants to meet these women and so I gave him some advice. So let’s go further into his message.

I did what we agreed on and worked on expanding my social circle to meet some gorgeous women. I did a bit of research and found a small intimate group of people learning French.

So basically, the advice that I gave him was two things, actually. I gave him a choice what he should do or what he could do and I told him just go with whatever you think is best. So one choice that I gave him was, well, if you want to date these beautiful women, where do you actually meet them? Where can you meet these women, and so one way how you can approach this is figure out where do these women hang out. So one way how you could do that is you could look at a coffee shop for example. Hip coffee shops. You could check out that coffee shop on Instagram for example, you check out the places, and you see are the hot women there that you want? Is your type of woman going to this kind of coffee shop? And you can do this with other places as well and then you can see okay they’re hanging out there. Why don’t I work there a little bit? Maybe I run into a woman.

That’s number one. So you wanna be visible to the women that you actually want to date. The second thing that I told him is another thing that he can do is well, you know, you have to think about your social circle. Are you actually surrounded by people who hang out with other beautiful women? So the people that you hang out with don’t even have to be women. If you are, for example, hanging out with a lot of guys who also know attractive women then you become friends with these attractive women. Now you have a social circle of really attractive people and these attractive women most likely know a lot of other attractive women. So now you’re in that social circle. It’s not even about dating yet. It’s all about platonic relationships.

But these people then might say “Hey I know this person. Why don’t I introduce you?” or you just get to hang out with these women. So for example, you hang out with a beautiful woman who is just your friend, and then because you’re spending time with her, it happens that a beautiful woman tags along. Her friends tag along. Maybe something happens with them you just then gotta flirt and play your cards right and that’s it. So that’s basically what I told them. Try to find ways how you can meet these women and so basically what he did was he did a mix of it.

He looked for an intimate group of a French study group, basically, and he checked out probably their Instagram or something like that. Or Facebook posts where they post pictures. It’s a great way to see what kind of people go there. I do this with running groups. I love running and so I check out okay, what kind of girls go there? Are they hot or not? And he did the same basically with his study group. And I guess he saw some hot girl there and he was like I’m gonna go there. So let’s see where it goes.

They do a weekly get-together at an arts and crafts shop to study French and I saw on their IG that there’s a really cute girl who goes there from time to time. Her name is Sara.

So yeah, actually, I saw a picture of this girl. She’s pretty hot and I have pretty high standards with the women that I date and I would definitely date this chick. So she’s a keeper. So it really works to just hang out in the places where you meet these hot women. That’s the first step.

So I began going to the weekly French meetup and started to become friends with the people there. In the last weeks, I became closer with Sarah… Sara, whatever… We banter a lot and we get along quite well and she even added me on IG a week ago.

So two things that I want to talk about here. First of all, it’s really good that she added you on IG. I’m assuming this is what happened, not you added her. If that’s what happened, if she added you on IG that means she’s probably interested, at least to get to know you. You’re not at the stage of dating but it could get there. So that’s a pretty good sign! The other thing that I want to talk about is actually why does this work so well? Why does it work to just hang out with beautiful women or hang out where they hang out?

And so one psychological principle that I want to mention is called the Mere Exposure Effect, sometimes also called the Familiarity Effect. So merely by being exposed to something, right, mere exposure… Merely by being familiar with it, you like it more. You become more familiar with it and because you become more familiar with it you trust it more. And that’s the same thing with relationships. So if you always, for example, hang out at a coffee shop and you meet this girl more than once, you’ve seen her for a few weeks, now she’s familiar with you.

So she’s going to be much more open to talking to you because she feels safe around you. It doesn’t feel risky. She kind of knows you already. She has seen you smiling. She has seen you being normal. You’re not getting angry or anything like that and she likes what she’s seeing. So she’s familiar with you, so she’s more open to talking to you. That is the mere exposure effect. So he’s hanging out with these girls, this girl at least, that one girl at this French group, and so at this point, it’s pretty much just platonic, but because he gets to talk with this girl every now and then.

And even if it’s just through studying and he doesn’t have so much conversation with her about personal stuff and dating, and flirting with her, these kinds of things, even if he wouldn’t be doing that… Just the fact that he’s around her, they’re having fun with the study group, she’s becoming familiar with him, she’s merely exposed to him, but now she’s opening up to him. That’s why it works so well and this is what I meant with it’s not rocket science.

Yes, it’s great to have game. It’s great to be able to go to a club, a bar, whatever, and just talk to women. And a lot of you guys will over time develop these skills, as you become more familiar with what works and trying new things, having some successes, and then climbing the success ladder with women. But if you’re not there yet, if you’re a bit shy, there are other ways like this, for example. Just hang out where these women hang out. It’s a great way to meet women.

We’ve been chatting two times since then but I really don’t know what to do next. I mean, we get along well but I am afraid that if I ask her to go out with me things will get awkward if she says no and I also don’t know where to take her if she ever says yes. Right now I mostly know her through the study group. So I don’t know how to get to know her on a deeper level. Maybe it is best if I keep on seeing her more in the group and get to know her more on IG first? I booked a coaching session for Monday so we can talk about my next steps. See you!

So there’s actually a lot of stuff to dissect here or to go into. First of all, you basically have the friend zone syndrome. You’re thinking that “I’m gonna talk to her more on IG. I’m gonna meet her more at the French group” but that’s all nice and well, but you’re already at this stage. Did you say this? You’ve been bantering I think, right? You’re already at the stage where she’s familiar with you. She added you an IG so right now is the perfect time to try your luck! You’re not gonna get into her pants by trying to be more friends. You’re already good friends. Now take it to the next level, otherwise, she’s just gonna think that there’s nothing going to happen here and eventually maybe someone else comes along and she starts dating some other guy, and then you lost!

So you gotta make a move and like I said: She added you on IG. I think she has some pretty high attraction for you. If she says no well, whatever! It doesn’t have to be awkward. You just asked her out for something that might be fun and related to what you’re doing. So you basically said you don’t really know how to get to know her on a deeper level and well, if you want to get to know her on a deeper level maybe you have to go deep. Maybe you understand what I’m saying here. Every woman likes it deep. What I’m saying with that is you have to seduce her, basically and so if I just think about this thing… It’s kind of cliche what I’m about to suggest but honestly, it kind of fits.

So you’re meeting her at a French study group, right? So I mean you could literally just invite her to your place to have a study session and then you could maybe also suggest something fun like… Well, it’s a French study group… French wine! Some cheese! Something like that. Some wine tasting and she might think that sounds fun. That sounds exciting. And if she’s into you she’s gonna definitely say yes to that. And if you then have her at your place, you have your study session, it’s gonna be fun, you have some wine, some french wine, which maybe she likes and some cheese, whatever.

That could be fun and then you can seduce her. And that’s all you really have to do. You have to take it to the next level and then if she says no, well whatever, just keep on hanging out with her at the study group. But of course, you don’t do anything for her. You can still go there and be friends it’s just you’re not gonna support her in any ways that basically goes beyond platonic relationships and if you’re okay with hanging out with her then no problem. If you can’t, well, maybe you have to stop going to the French study group but I think you cross that bridge when you get there. Right now just invite her. It’s going to be fun and also what you’re inviting her for is basically a normal meetup.

This could be seen as a date but it could also not be seen as a date. So just see where it goes. I think something like this is really going to be very natural and the honest truth is, if she’s into you, she’s going to say yes. If she’s not into you she probably knows what your agenda is and she’s probably going to find some excuse. So it’s a good way also to gauge her interest and then if she says yes, you go there, you got some alcohol, some good fun, have a good time, and then get closer to her.

And then, like I said: If you want to get to know her deeper you gotta go deeper. And with that I mean you have to have sex with her. Have some good time. Go deep! She’s gonna love it and then you basically got this in the bag. That’s all you have to do and you have to make a move. I know it’s tempting to not make a move with someone like her. Like I said… I’m not gonna post a picture here but she’s pretty hot. So it’s a bit scary but go for it!

Because if you don’t make a move, you’re gonna regret it! I think you’ve come a long way. Before you were really shy and now look at you. You’re talking to this really great gorgeous woman and she must be really fun and interesting with the French stuff. You have something in common! Isn’t that great? So go for it, dude! I wish you the best of luck. I can’t wait for the next coaching session if you need one or not. And all of you, let me know what you think in the comments. Of course, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and never forget to unleash the king within.

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