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Watch the subtitled video above if you prefer to listen to my advice.

In today’s video, I want to show you a bit of an inside look of one of my clients who has been making progress with his ex and it’s a good showcase of how quickly you can actually make progress with an ex. Because typically, you just gotta get her to be into you again, then you seduce her, and as soon as you seduced her, basically, you won. 90% percent of the time, this is done. If you don’t fuck up, you got her back. And so this client of mine is a good example because he, or they, had a lot of problems in their relationship. And he had a lot of problems as well. He was in a job that he just didn’t like anymore. He was very miserable. He gained 20 kilos. Roughly 20 kilos. So he gained a lot of weight. A lot.

Very much out of shape basically. So that happened before the breakup. He had a shitty job. He gained a lot of weight and generally, their relationship was not very good. Not on good terms. A lot of fighting. He was a bit confrontational, aggressive, he made a lot of mistakes because he essentially felt insecure because of the weight and the job. So he wasn’t happy at all and he wanted out of the job as well. And anyway, so eventually they broke up and he then started no contact. And so I just got a message from him. Usually, I would just do a paid coaching session with him but I think this is a really good status update to show to you guys how he’s doing and he agreed that I can put this on my channel. So thanks for that. All right, so let’s see.

We Got Back Together: How To Stay Strong And Patient With Getting Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Hi Andy, status update: Guess what? We’re back together! It finally happened! It kind of happened almost in an instant. I actually first wanted to give you a status update in general about my workout progress but before I could send you that email, we already started hooking up last night!

Nice! And so you can see he couldn’t even properly reply or get back to me because it can happen really quickly if your ex is into you, then you meet up, and you seduce her you, get her into the bedroom… At that point, basically, you can be almost a couple. Now, of course, you could still fuck it up. You could still become insecure after that. But ultimately, this is very close to already getting your ex back because if she’s happy and if you then don’t screw up, it can literally happen almost overnight without you ever expecting it. Honestly, it sounds kind of unrealistic, but it could just happen that she messages you and then she says “Hey, you wanna hang out tonight? We’re going partying,” or something like that, and then you have some good drinks, and you make out you, have a great time at the bar, for example, and then you take her home, you have sex, and then you have sex again in the morning, and then you just take it from there. It can happen really quickly.

So the hard part is, of course, to stay strong during the times when it doesn’t work. And so I think this is the biggest benefit that coaching clients get from our sessions. Actually, it’s to maintain your sanity, and to stay strong, and to feel better about yourself, because the hard part is to be in that phase where everything is kind of uncertain & you don’t know what is going to happen. You feel very demotivated. You feel beaten down. And you don’t think that you can do this. But all of you can do this. You just gotta stay patient, because it’s not that those patient moments are important. So those few months, or that half a year, that one year, that is important. That patience is super important. But the thing is it can then happen overnight that you get this progress that he didn’t expect. So yeah, it’s super important to not become demotivated and stay positive, all right? So anyway, he then says. So, good job for hooking up. That’s pretty dope!

Win Your Ex Back The Right Way: Show Your Ex You’ve Changed With Massive Post Breakup Transformation

So just so you know. Yes, I’m back at the top of my game. Here’s a pick of me being in near-top shape again. I think Cathy really noticed my masculine energy and got turned on by the advances that I’ve made in the last two months.

So I have to give a little bit of context. This guy, when he’s ripped, he’s very hot. He is way more ripped than me, and way more ripped than most people. Well, he used to be. So he then gained a lot of weight. Now he’s back on track. He is not as ripped as he used to be before, but he’s very attractive again. So it’s huge progress and guess who is going to see that progress? Of course, his ex, because if you’ve been very complacent in the relationship, this is what it is about in the process of getting an ex back. So if you’ve been complacent, if your ex hasn’t been happy, there are all kinds of things that she saw that didn’t make her happy. In this case, definitely, one of the things that didn’t make her happy, or that she probably didn’t like, or that she found unattractive at the very least, was his complacency. And he let himself go, basically. And he was miserable, in general, with his job as well. So he didn’t have a good aura.

Now she can see that he has a positive aura again because he’s basically close to being very ripped again. He made huge progress and she can’t ignore that. Your ex cannot ignore when you have really good progress in your life. And she dumps you and she’s done with you because she thinks that you are pathetic. That you’re a loser. That you are weak. That you can’t move forward in life. That you’re basically a child in a man’s or an adult body, basically. And as soon as you convince her that this is not who you are, she is attracted to you again. So that’s just how this works. And yeah, nice job for making your progress in your workout! It’s not bad!

My Ex Dumped Her Rebound: Get Your Ex Back By Law Of Attraction — Be Attractive To Your Ex Girlfriend

The initial attraction she had for me the last time we talked kind of exploded and she also dumped the guy that she has been with after our breakup. It came as kind of a shock that they split up. I seriously thought they were doing great, but I guess you were right haha! That guy had nothing on me. Such a stupid bloke. I actually think he helped me get back with Cathy.

So yeah, it’s really funny because you were surprised and you didn’t expect them to split up, but I say this all the time, especially with my coaching clients. The percentage of blended families that don’t work out is incredibly high. The success rate of rebounds is incredibly low. So if you have children, or if it’s a rebound, or if it’s just lots of relationships in a row, then it doesn’t work out. It usually doesn’t work out. And so it’s just funny that you didn’t believe me. You know, it is kind of tough to actually believe this, I guess, and it’s human nature to always tell yourself that this can’t work out, and this guy’s making her happy. But my experience and also if I look at studies statistically… Nah! That guy is not gonna stick around. It’s just how it is. And they’re gonna split up. And they did split up and probably that guy was a loser, and now she can see that you are not a loser anymore.

So yeah, he got nothing on you. And in a way, yes, you are right that he essentially kind of helped you get back with her. Because she got some context. She got some perspective. She didn’t like being with you and you let yourself go. Yes, then she starts dating some new guy. The thing is: She probably sees very quickly already the things that she didn’t like. The thing is: If you are in a long-term relationship with a person, there are going to be periods of times when you’re not happy with that person because of something that they do & how they live their life. People will have down moments. Now, in the best case, you already have the relationship skills to just push through that. You support each other in your worst moments. But sometimes couples just need to learn. And it takes some time to actually get good at this and so she got her perspective. She saw this guy, the rebound, is not as great as you. And yes, you let yourself go in the past. But overall, you had a better connection. She cares more about you and that’s why she sees you as the winner.

The Only Way To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Invite Your Ex Over And Seduce Your Ex With Confidence

I think she saw the contrast between him and I and she was very surprised to see me back in my old energy of positive vibes and no longer being confrontational or defensive with her. Two weeks ago, she really started dialing up her messages with me and we started talking for 1+ hour almost every day on the phone. It felt like everything was back to normal. So I asked her if she wanted to watch Sonic 2 with me and just like Sonic, I went into her pants at Mach 3.

Yeah, hilarious! Wait, let me just first read this: “Dude, she was fucking horny.” That’s just so fucking hilarious!

Dude, she was so fucking horny. I could barely recognize her. She went from always fighting with me to nearly tearing my clothes to shreds to have sex with me.

Yeah, that is the power of positive energy. In the last video I talked about a guy who sent an ex back letter. Some people call it… Some coaches call it a clean slate letter. Basically, this long letter where you apologize for all the things, and you acknowledge all your mistakes, and you focus on all of this negative shit. And accountability is important, of course, but ultimately, a woman wants to be with a strong, positive, confident man. Someone who pushes forward. If you get kicked in the nuts, you keep walking. If you separate and if you are heartbroken, you keep walking. And yes, you’re going to stumble. It’s going to be really hard but you keep walking anyway. That’s what it means to be a man. And women want to see this. And she can see that you are back on top of your game and she’s basically tearing off your clothes because she can feel your energy. And it’s that energy that has some sexual quality to it. She can feel that there’s something brewing within you. She can feel the animal, the lion, is basically back. And so yeah, she wants you to let out the lion, basically. Unleash the king within. She saw you unleash the king within and so she saw your metaphorical king. And she decided she wants the physical king as well. That’s how easy it is.

Last night was freaking amazing. It felt just like before. Incredibly intimate, as if we’ve never been separated. We really have this great sexual energy and chemistry that is hard to replace. I even made her come and she fucking loved it. We had sex again this morning and I then dropped her off back at her place. She was head over heels into me. She almost didn’t want to let me go back home. She was smiling all over. And me too, of course.

Yeah, so you can see that the feelings are never properly gone. And so for example, if we look at the rebound from before… What do they have? It takes a long time to actually build that sexual chemistry. You’ve had so much sexual chemistry. That’s why as soon as you seduce her, it’s like she’s on cloud 9 again. She loves it and it’s so good. And you even made her come because you know how to make her come. So, if you, for example, are worried about some rebound… Think about this. This guy doesn’t even know yet how to make her come. He hasn’t figured out yet how to push all her buttons. So the sex, for example, is so much better with you. So anybody who’s watching this, just never worry about the competition. And she’s head over heels into him now and he as well. So now he has to play it cool, of course, and not become insecure.

I Got My Ex Back Now What: What To Do After Sleeping With Your Ex Girlfriend

Now I guess I just gotta play it cool, right? I should still not chase her too much, or what do you think? I should still let her come a bit more to me? Or should I also suggest to hang out? And what’s your take on how fast we should move forward now? Obviously, I don’t want to turn her off again. I think right now, her attraction for me is near peak level. I am totally back in my element. My job is doing great. We’re launching the business in two months from now and I’m super fit. So I think right now I’m the best I’ve been in years. So I want to make sure I monetize the gains I’ve had with her to really make her commit to me. What’s your take on my next steps? Thanks, dude. I appreciate your advice.

Well, what I suggest to you is: Don’t change your approach! So first of all, congratulations on well… Did you say the business is about to launch, right? The business is launching in two months from now. So you can see he was in a shitty job. Right? You’ve been in a shitty job and now you’re working on your business and you’re almost ready to launch. So I would not chase her and I would continue what you’ve been doing which is working out. Working on the business. Working on yourself. Now, of course, you gotta hang out with her. You can message her every now and then, but first I would make sure that at least in the beginning I would make sure that she messages you a little bit more often than you message her. And then once you can tell that she’s definitely comfortable, and she’s not going to pull away, that’s when you can also initiate conversations more often, too. You know, send her something funny, or something cute, or whatever. Or just have a conversation.

And this can happen really quickly just like the seduction happened really quickly. So it could happen that she messages you tomorrow, and then again the next day, and the next day, so at that point, you know she’s into you. Then you can also message her more often as well. So don’t chase her. But of course, you gotta chase her at some point when you can tell that she’s into you. You gotta show a little bit of interest. Now, it’s clear that there’s interest because you hooked up. Don’t become insecure. You just gotta repeat this. So if she’s head over heels into you right now and you fixed yourself, what I suggest you is just keep on showing her what is freaking amazing about you. So you’re working on the business right now. She’s gonna be really proud of you. And the workout… You could literally ask her out. Or you can invite her out to work out with you. Or maybe she suggests that. So there are all of these new facets about you, or well one of them is old. Your workout is old, right? But that’s been a long time ago. So she’s rediscovering what you’re about. And how amazing you are. So just show her that.

Wait for her to reach out and then use these opportunities to show how freaking amazing you are. Show her that you’re grounded in your strength & with the business, it’s important to not let yourself get stressed now with launching a business, it can be very stressful as well. So that could bring you anxieties and insecurities again. Don’t let her see that or at least don’t let her see it too much. Show her that you got this. You’re strong and you’re not going to repeat the same complacency. That’s all she wants to see. And then just keep on having sex, and probably after two or three times having sex, that’s when you got this, basically, and you can most likely be a couple again. So I think, unless you can tell there’s something off with her, like she’s pulling back, she’s feeling weird, she’s not responding so much, then send me a message & we’re gonna talk about it. Otherwise, everything is fine. And just keep on repeating what has been working so far so.

As you can see, this is a good example of how you just work on yourself. And basically, he was he was miserable. He was not just miserable about his ex. He was miserable about his entire life. She broke up with him and that made him reflect on how everything in his life didn’t make him happy at all in general. And he was just really done with it. He… It took him a while to actually realize this, but once he realized this, he made changes, and so once you make changes in your life, and then your ex can see it, it’s game over for anybody that she’s dating. That guy has nothing against you because you have so much history, so much emotion. So much emotional bonds. The sex is much better. As I said. And she’s gonna miss you. And look, if she wasn’t happy with you and then she can see “Holy shit!!! He’s exactly the kind of guy that I fell in love with,” of course, then she wants you back. So that’s how it’s gotta be. So I hope that was a good insight in one of my clients and how he’s been doing so great. So let me know what you think in the comments below. Give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and never forget to unleash the king within.

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