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Powerful Proof No Contact Works: We Are Back Together After 2 Years

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Watch the subtitled video above if you prefer to listen to my advice.

The Power Of The No Contact Rule: A No Contact Success Story

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about success with an ex, being successful with getting her back, re-attracting her, being happy again. And specifically in today’s video, I have a message or well, an email from a client, a previous client of mine, long time ago. And he was very distraught, typical like many of my clients, and he wasn’t focusing on the right things. And you can see that now that he’s been focusing on the right things, which is developing himself, he’s so much happier and probably, you notice like the frame here with my course, it’s basically what my course is about. It’s about focusing on yourself, not so much on your ex. And so anyways, let’s see what is his take on everything. He’s basically sharing his story for all of you because he knows that it is really hard to, basically go through no contact and just feel so hopeless and these kinds of things. And so he wants to encourage you guys. And I guess you could also say that he’s a little bit thanking me. And he’s also asking for some advice at the end of the video, right at the end of the message. So let’s see what do I have to say.

What It Takes To Get Your Ex Back: Determination To Work On Yourself During No Contact

Hey Andy, I know it’s been a while. I’m writing to you today to share my success story with your viewers in the hopes that I may help others who are going through a similar situation. Perhaps I can give some of your viewers hope to stick to no contact and focus on themselves like you and I worked on a while ago. Since the last time we talked, my shift with how I approach no contact really has changed. I am proud to say that I have made significant improvements to my life. As you probably recall, I struggled a lot with loneliness, depression, and lack of motivation after the breakup. Man, I can’t believe that you’d take on clients like me, lol. I must’ve been hard to talk to back then.

Yeah, that’s actually pretty true. I think a lot of you don’t realize how difficult this kind of job is actually, because very often I can just see how, yeah, lonely you are, how depressed you are, and some of you have no motivation. And typically I can see very quickly when I have a client, whether they’re gonna get their ex back or not. Very often I can actually see it in the first coaching session. If in the first coaching session, I get like a really bad feeling about the fact that you essentially just want a quick fix, or that you just need someone to talk to, but you don’t really actually wanna do any work. And you’re just trying to kill time, kill money, try to get a dopamine high by talking to a coach who you believe will give you all the big hope that you’re gonna get her back. I can relatively quickly see, typically on the first conversation, the guy that I’m talking to is really willing to do some work on himself or not.

And he was very depressed, lacked motivation. He was a bit tough to talk to, I have to admit, but he wasn’t the case where I can see just right away that this is completely hopeless. I can see when someone is really feeling a lot of pain, but he wants to change, or I can see someone who’s feeling a lot of pain, but he doesn’t wanna change, he just wants a solution. And basically you can’t just get a solution. If you want to get your ex back, it’s not something simple, you can’t just flick a finger. It’s not like you buy a product, like my course, for example, and you get your ex back. No, you actually gotta do the work. The things in my course, for example, they teach you what you got to do to actually get her back. You can’t just sit on your ass and hope that she comes back. Well, sometimes that happens, but typically, well, she will just leave again. So you gotta be in the right frame of mind. And like I said, sometimes I can just really tell, I can feel the energy of my clients sometimes when they just don’t wanna do the work. And with him, he wasn’t like that. He was really depressed or sad and basically crying. Well, almost crying. He wasn’t really crying, but he was messed up basically. But I could tell that he was serious about changing. So anyways, let’s continue. You gotta be serious about changing. Let’s continue.

Become Attractive During No Contact: Find New Hobbies, Interests, Friends, And Passions

But anyway, yeah, talking to you really helped me to reflect on myself and my relationship with my ex. I slowly started to see the benefits of taking a step back from my ex. Initially, I was very hesitant and didn’t believe I could change. I’m sure you still remember how our conversations went in the beginning, but I realized that I had neglected my own interests and hobbies and had been too dependent on my ex. So I started pursuing my own hobbies and interests. First of all, like you suggested, I kept at it with the gym and even ramped up my routine. But I also started new interests. I’m now an avid hiker and I even started cooking. I always wanted to get good with cooking, but never thought it’s something I could get good at as a guy. But I have to say, I’m a pretty great chef now. And I also met a lot of good friends while trying out new stuff. Reading a bunch of self-help books, including yours, really helped me find a way to recreate myself and look at my relationship patterns in a new light.

That is awesome, dude! So this is basically what I do in my course. You basically have to recreate yourself. So I’m actually publishing, well, actually I’m publishing the video today. I’m publishing a trailer for my course today. If you watch that trailer, you will notice that the course is basically three parts, or three steps to retracting an ex. So I call it the three-step blueprint. And then understanding no contact with your ex is like only 30% of the deal, basically. The rest is actually about understanding yourself and recreating yourself. This is why I spent a lot of focus on my course to figure out how can you recreate yourself, how can you feel better about yourself? Because that’s essentially how you get your ex back. And you can see that he clearly recreated himself. He is much happier, he has new hobbies, he is going hiking, which is pretty cool. I just moved to Jogja, as you can see, a new place. Can’t wait to check out the mountains.

I started dating a really nice girl as well, so I’m having a good time. And you get that energy from new activities, right? So I’m excited to date a girl, obviously. I’m excited to check out the mountains, just like him. He’s going hiking, he’s an avid hiker now and he enjoys cooking. Isn’t that awesome? I’m just dating a new girl, I might start cooking as well with her. Probably gonna be a lot of fun. So you gotta stay focused on yourself and recreate yourself. What are some new things that you want to explore? How do you want to improve yourself? How do you want to become better? It’s great if you also focus on some old things, but maybe there’s some things that either you always wanted to try, but you never tried because you lacked the confidence, or you just completely try something brand new that you’ve never thought of trying out. But now you’re doing it. I think it seems like you always wanted to do cooking, but now he’s also doing hiking. He probably just discovered that randomly somehow, who knows how it happened, but he basically found something that keeps him happy, fulfilled, and we’re gonna see in a moment, this is why he got his ex back.

A Strong Sense Of Self: Men Who Change & Grow Reattract Their Ex-Girlfriends

All of this helped me build my confidence and develop a stronger sense of self. I even took some online courses and worked on building my professional skills. So yeah, man, I’m a completely changed man from back then. Dude, I was so heartbroken back then, and I’m just grateful that you would have the patience for our sessions. I don’t know where I’d be right now without someone to talk to.

Yeah, so that’s another important point, whether you get my course or whether you book a coaching session with me, it’s really crucial to build your connections with people and talk about your struggles. You don’t have to necessarily talk with your friends about exactly how heartbroken, fucked up you feel about your ex, obviously, that’s maybe only reserved for your closest friend, but you basically need to surround yourself with people so that you feel better about yourself. It’s just about having a good social network that lifts you up, that makes you feel good about yourself. All right, so anyways, let’s continue.

Getting Your Ex’s Attention: When Your Ex Girlfriend Feels Attracted To You Again

And then about six months ago, my ex reached out to me out of the blue. I was surprised to hear from her all this time, but also curious and excited to see where things could go. We started talking again, and she said she had been thinking about me a lot and missed me. And I was pleased to see that she also had been doing some personal work on herself during our time apart. When we met up, I wasn’t even nervous because I felt that she was impressed by me.

She could see that I had become more confident, independent, and successful in my personal and professional life. Meeting up with her was easy, fun, and even when we talked about the relationship, it was like she was a completely different woman. It’s like she trusted my confidence and didn’t have any problems with me stating clearly how I felt about the relationship and past mistakes. It was so smooth that we eventually decided to date again after we had basically already been sort of dating like a couple again, but we agreed that we’d take things slow and not rush into anything.

Perfect, that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. Just stay confident, show her who you’ve become, don’t rush it too much, and just ease into it like you would do with a normal relationship. So you don’t gotta think about complete complex strategies or something like that. Just be yourself and it’s gonna work out. And that’s why you could, for example, get my course, work on yourself, be happy. She’s going to reach out to you eventually. And if you’ve been doing the work, she will feel happy to talk to you and she will want to get back with you all by herself.

Dating Your Ex Girlfriend Again: Should You Take It Slow With Your Ex-Girlfriend?

Things are going really well. I think the only thing that I’m concerned about now is that I fully agree about taking things slowly. We aren’t an official couple yet, but I certainly feel like it. And the relationship is much, much better than it was before because we actually have honest communication now, instead of just either me shrugging things under the rug or her getting mad with silent treatment. So the question I have is, if you don’t mind, I know I said it’s just for your viewers, but well, gotcha. I know I agreed on taking things slowly with her, but when do I know how to take it to the next stage? What if I want to live with her again? When would you suggest to bring this up?

I would not bring this up at all, at least for quite some time. If you’ve been dating for, let’s say three months, at some point you can definitely bring it up. Like two or three months, that’s fine, but definitely don’t bring it up in the first month. Best case, she brings it up, and at some point it’s kind of clear. Once you feel that you’re basically an official couple again, then it’s fine to suggest it. But if you’re still not really sure where are you going, what are you, are you back together? If you’re not really sure about that, or if she hasn’t asked you about this, then you kind of know that it’s probably too soon to ask about moving in again. Most likely it’s going to be her who wants to move in with you again. It’s mostly also going to be her who asks, “Hey, what are we?” Because that’s typically what women do.

As I said, I’m dating a girl now here, it’s happened really fast, and she’s really attached to me. Women can get really fast attached if they already have some attachment to you. Some girls also can get attached to a guy really quickly if you do all the things right. If you’re really confident, women will fall for you really quickly. And with an ex, if she already has some feelings for you, plus now you’re super confident, it’s going to happen really, really fast. She will want to be back with you really quickly if she can tell that you’re basically bad-ass again, and you’re really epic, and you’re much better actually than before, a better version of yourself. So anyways, that’s my suggestion. Don’t rush it. Basically, just wait for it to happen. If three months passed, or something like that, sure, then you can bring it up. Now let’s wrap it up.

No Contact Encouragement: Focus On Yourself To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

Anyway, that segway aside, I just wanted to share this for your viewers to show that there is really something behind no contact. If it’s done like you encourage to do it, with a lot of personal development as the main focus. I’m so glad that I didn’t just sit around and wait. Clearly, that’s what I did when we had our first sessions and you opened my eyes to not be a total moron. When we take the time to focus on ourselves and our own growth, we become more attractive to our ex, and so I really hope that your other clients, or viewers, can get the same outcome as me, because I have never been so happy as a man, and with my girlfriend. It’s like we’re version 2.0, and I’m grateful for all the emotional support I got from you. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I hope this is helpful for your viewers. Cheers, dude. Ayden.

Yeah, that’s exactly right. Actually, I think I might have mentioned something like that in the trailer of the sales trailer of my course that I posted yesterday, while you’re watching this video. Basically, I’m asking you guys, do you just wanna sit around and become a beta male, weak beta male, and wait for it to come back, and be begging, and be really just not strong, essentially, and hope for the best? No, you don’t hope for the best. You work on yourself, focus on your personal development. Just don’t use no contact as a way to hope that she’s gonna come back, and then you just sit around and do nothing, and then you become more depressed when she doesn’t come back, or she comes back, but you mess it up. You gotta use that time while you’re away from her, and she’s away from you, to work on yourself, become happier, more confident, more attractive, hit the gym, get a new diet, whatever it is. He worked on his professional skills development, right?

So maybe he has a better job now. Maybe he got a raise or something like that. Work on something that makes you more attractive. And then when she comes back, you will re-attract her. And even if you don’t re-attract her, I can guarantee you, once you come to terms with the fact that it’s probably not working out for whatever reason, maybe it’s about her, maybe it’s about you, if you come to terms with that, if it doesn’t work out, you will probably have a new woman. And like I said, I just moved here to Jogja, and I have a new girl now, and I met her. She picked me up from basically the airport, and well, we’re having a good time. Let’s just say it like that. When you’re confident, it just works out really quickly. So that’s all I’ve got for you today. It’s not much of a big advice thingy. It’s just a great message from one of my clients, and you can see that he’s been changing and that he’s so much happier, and that’s what I want for all of you. So you might as well get the course, get a coaching session with me, or just focus on yourself. But probably the best thing that you can do is get the course, because I have so much info in there. And like I said, it’s very well-structured. I thought quite long about this. What is the best way to actually work on yourself, overcome your anxieties, and become the attractive man again that your ex can fall in love with?

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