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She Blocked Me Cuz I Smothered Her Now What?!

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Watch the subtitled video above if you prefer to listen to my advice.

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about a guy who has been incredibly insecure. He turned off a woman and she blocked him. He turned off a woman like crazy and he probably won’t like my advice. Honestly, of course, I want you to re-attract an ex, but in this case, sometimes maybe it’s best to move on, move forward, find another woman, not just because it might be a hopeless case, but maybe your expectations of the relationship were just really bad. And you told yourself that you’re in this great relationship and that it’s worth pursuing. But if someone else looks at this situation, maybe it’s not really worth pursuing. And so I’m going to go through a situation. He turned off this girl. She wants nothing to do with him. She blocked him rightfully so because he has been incredibly insecure. And so I have my two cents on this. Alrighty, so let’s get into the situation.

Needy And insecure Behavior: When You Don’t Realize You’re Suffocating Her From The Start

Hi, coach. I have this problem with a girl I liked, but got blocked by her after I became needy and suffocated her. The story goes like this. I sent this girl a friend request on September 2020 on Facebook, and we instantly started chatting for 11 hours straight. Very pretty, tall, slim, model-like girl.

Chatting for 11 hours straight sounds extremely over the top. You were talking the entire day. That already seems insecure and needy to me because you got nothing else going on. Don’t you have to go to work? Even on a weekend, that would be a lot. You were lucky because she was into you, so at first, that may not bother her, but in the long-term, that would become a big problem.

But anyway, so far, so good. She clearly was into you. If you are doing some cold DMs and some girl that you don’t know, and you just message her and you get along nicely, hey, that’s cool. But here’s the problem. We’re going to see that he’s doing long distance, and I think they never actually met up. So that’s obviously a huge red flag because I mean, what’s the point, right? Obviously, if you match with a girl on a dating app or if you cold DM her on IG or on TikTok or on Facebook… Great! You got game! You talked to her, but you have to have enough game to actually meet up with women.

You should preferably cold DM women who are in your city or relatively nearby. Right, so, like a one hour drive or something like that. Right. So if you’re in Germany, most cities are 30 minutes away, at least where I used to live. We drive really fast on the Autobahn. So depending on where you have to go, you just drive a little bit faster and you can still make it in 30 minutes to one hour. So, if you can’t see the girl ever, then why are you even bothering? Right. And so that’s why I’m saying he turned her off, but maybe you shouldn’t even pursue this. Anyways, let’s continue.

Stealth Mode Female Rejection: When She Already Friendzones And Rejects You Prematurely

She told me right there that we can’t have a relationship because of the distance and another thing. I told her I’m fine with chatting and ended the night with ‘It was great talking to you. And if you want, we can do it sometime again’ and left her alone.

So far, so good. You know, another thing: When I first read this, I thought that “another thing” is another guy, but turns out it’s not that. We’re going to get into this. But you handled it quite well. You said, yeah, no worries. If you like it, we can talk again. And then you leave her alone. Until this point, you did everything right. But then it gets worse.

Two months later, she called me by mistake and we had a new chat for a couple of hours.

No mistake. Of course, you even put it in quotes yourself. She basically wanted to talk to you again. You had a good conversation. And obviously! I actually had this incredible flirting session with a girl recently. I walked into this shop and I flirted with her for almost two hours. It was crazy. She was really cute. And actually, right after this video, I’m going to walk over to the shop and I’m going to ask her for her number. I’ve been thinking about her for a long time. The chemistry was so good. If the chemistry is good, a girl will just talk to you again. I was stupid. I didn’t ask for her number. I should have asked for her number. So, you know, now I’m thinking, okay, it’s time to get her number and then go out with her. You know, if she liked it, you had a good conversation. Of course, there’s no mistake. It’s all planned. You know, maybe she’s bored. Maybe the guy that she’s been dating has been pissing her off or boring her. And now it’s time to talk to the guy who made her happy: You. So, so far everything is still good.

Why She’s Into You: She’s A Single Mom With Few Options — Stop Putting Her On A Pedestal!

It sort of became our little routine. Long chats, getting to know each other with weeks between. No pushing. Two months later, she told me it would be great, but it just won’t happen. When I asked why and kind of pushed on it, she revealed that she has a two years old boy. She’s a 23 year old single mom. I was 27, by the way, if that matters.

Now, that probably would be a red flag for me already. Sometimes it’s okay to date single moms, but at your age, you’re 27. She’s 23. It’s just too young, dude. Why would you bother? But I’m at this age where a lot of women are single moms. I actually matched with a girl literally this morning at 5 A.M. I swiped her right. And I guess I didn’t look at her profile. I didn’t read it. She’s absolutely smoking hot. She’s 27. But then there was the thing: Single mom. I’m like, oh, geez, damn she’s attractive. So you gotta weigh the pros and cons, always. And she’s 23, a single mom. Do you want to have all those responsibilities at your age, 27? Nah, I probably wouldn’t want to have that responsibility. So think twice if you actually want to go with this.

I backed off and told her that I won’t bother her, which made her cry. Months passed by and I redeemed myself, but we never set a date because we lived 150 kilometers away from each other. And because of her parents, she was always hiding me from them, but they knew she was chatting constantly with someone.

Well, so, there are basically two red flags now. She has a child and I know you don’t care, but I would really reevaluate… Do you really not care? I mean, you’re probably just thinking with your dick, honestly, just like the girl that I just matched with this morning. She’s really damn attractive. Great English skills in Indonesia, you know, not that easy to find. She seems quite intelligent, but she’s a single mom. So that’s number one. And also, she has to hide you from her parents. That’s another red flag.

Look, I know some countries are a bit more conservative and all that stuff, but do you have to go down that route, especially at that age. She’s 23. I mean, she was old enough apparently to have a child, but is she not old enough to chat with you and to have a good conversation with some guy that she likes? Red flag. That’s a red flag. She’s not independent, somehow. I don’t know what kind of mother she is. I’m not saying that she’s a bad mom, but how does that actually add up, right? I mean, how can you be a mom and take care of a child at the age of 23, but then your parents won’t let you talk to some guy? What the fuck? That makes no sense. So that’s another red flag.

When You’re Too Much Into Her: When You Smother Your “Girlfriend” She Will Pull Back

I got her number. We started calling each other when she was away from home and free. Things went great between us. One day she told me that she was accepted to Russia to study for her Master’s.

By the way, I realized this guy, I think must be somewhere from Eastern Europe. His name was Dimitri something, so it sounded like Ukrainian or whatever. Not Russia, I guess. Ukrainian. Somewhere in Eastern Europe, I suppose. And so she’s going to study in Russia for her Master’s.

Then I realized, hey, this girl really means something to me. And I kind of love her and don’t want to miss her. And then the problems began.

Well, the first problem is that maybe you got a little bit too attached. We’re actually going to see this through the whole message that you’re way too attached to this girl. You never even met her. You live 150 kilometers away from her and you are too attached. You miss her and you probably need to learn to be single. I’m going to get into this later on, but, you are just too much into her. There’s this girl who sends me, I should say, certain kinds of videos and pictures every now and then. She teases me a lot. Oh, my God, she’s just freaking naughty. And I’ve never seen her. And she’s currently in the USA. She’s coming to Indonesia very soon. So I have an idea what’s probably going to happen, but I’m not really attached to her. I never met her. You know, I’m OK for some fun. And if we get along and we have a deeper connection when she comes here, cool. But aside from that, yeah, I don’t know her. I have never seen her. So why bother so much? Right. So you should take it from the same perspective.

I became needy, even though she always said everything to me and what was happening with her.

So she always kept you up-to-date with what’s going on. We never talked about the situation between us. She always said to me that she finds it strange to talk so openly with a stranger. And I am not really a friend zone guy either. When things go that way with a girl, I back off because I want the relationship.” No female friend. That’s the right thing to do. If she just wants friends, then, you know, if you’re interested in a relationship or hookups or whatever, I mean, it’s just a waste of time. Just thank you. Next. Find the next woman. There are millions of women on this planet. You can find a woman who actually wants to blow your brains out. Like I just told you, this girl that I have not much connection with… I never met her. We matched before she left the country, basically back to the U.S. And she’s nuts. She’s crazy for me. She sends me a lot of insane stuff. You know, she basically wants the D. You should be with woman who wants the D. And OK, so far so good.

Nice Guy Behavior: Complimenting A Woman On Her Beauty Never Works: Don’t Give A Woman Validation

She left the kid with her parents and went abroad to Russia. And we finally started FaceTiming and seeing each other via phone. Sometimes I gave her compliments on a new photo or story of how beautiful she was. And in the beginning, she liked them, but then became cold towards them. But I didn’t realize that then. My mistake.

Yeah, you basically simped all over her. Oh, you’re so pretty. Like, you look so great here! No, the girl should respond to your stories! Also, the problem is, you know, you said that you’ve missed her or that you really like her, but you never really saw her. Right. You didn’t even visually face her. Saw her. You told me or you just said in your email that you FaceTimed for the first time. Right. What was the time frame there? I forgot, but that has been, I guess, months or maybe a year. And, she went to Russia and now you’re finally FaceTiming her. What have you been doing, man? You should have FaceTimed her a long time ago. I matched with a girl maybe two months ago, and we’re actually just friends now. And we just hang out every now and then. I’m not attracted to her at all. She’s not really attracted to me. Or maybe she could tell that I’m not attracted to her. And, you know, she’s a nice girl. And we FaceTimed, we had phone calls and stuff like that twice after like a few days. And then we met up and all that stuff.

If you are romantically interested in a woman, you should be FaceTiming or seeing her relatively quickly. But you are, again, way too over-invested in her because you’ve never seen her face for God knows how long. I forgot the time frame. And then all of a sudden, when she goes to Russia, you FaceTime her. That took way too long. Number one. And number two. Why are you so invested in this? Okay. You are basically probably super invested in any woman who gives you some attention. That’s a problem with scarcity. You are too attached to any attention that you get from women. So you need to normalize getting attention from women, clearly. So go on the dating apps. And like I said, there are millions of women on the planet and you can literally meet a woman any time, any day. Like I said, it was about two or three weeks ago when I met this really cute girl at the shop and we flirted so hardcore. And I didn’t expect it, honestly. I was just looking for some shorts. I’m actually wearing them right now, but you can’t see that. And I liked her and, you know, we had a good connection. And she’s probably waiting for me to come back and ask her out. I actually went back already to get her number, but she wasn’t there. So, fuck. You know, take the opportunities that you can get, guys.

Sometimes I gave her compliments on new photos. You know, how beautiful she was. She didn’t like that.

Of course, you were simping! So that didn’t work, but hopefully you stopped it after a while. You realized your mistake.

Penpal Relationship: Being A Woman’s Support System But Never Seducing Her

She always told me what was bothering her, her problems. When I asked her how her day was, she always said to me with whom she had spent it, what she was doing in the moment and what she was planning. But after one and a half years of time spent like this, then the conflict began to rise.

Way too late! One and a half years of spending time like this. I don’t know if this is the total timeframe or one and a half of years of talking like this once she went to Russia. Whether it’s, you know, honestly, whether you’ve known her for one and a half years in total or one and a half years in Russia, plus you’ve known her for, let’s say, six months. It’s just all way too long. And you’re wasting your time with this woman, basically. In this time, you could have met so many hot women. You could have met so many great women where you can have the same kind of connection. Like I said, it happens really randomly, spontaneously. Sometimes you don’t expect it, but most likely because you are so attached to this woman… Basically, you’re not open to meeting other women. So you are basically sabotaging yourself. That’s something to consider.

I became kind of annoying and started chatting with her every day and wanted to call her every week. She was scared if she went back here.

So I guess you mean she was scared if she comes back to wherever you live, that you’re going to be too clingy. Yeah, sure. If you are too insecure, then of course, she’s going to feel that way and you have to back off.

I Smothered Her: When She Initially Liked You But You Chased Her Away With Your Neediness

We had a small period of eight days when she didn’t respond to my messages and I went nuts, frustrated, you name it. She responded and told me, ‘dude, you can’t even have one day without texting.’ I was afraid of losing her because I really had strong feelings for her, but never revealed them. But I knew she was aware of them because I had a moment when I slipped. She always demanded to know what it is that’s on my mind and how I see us.

So it sounds to me that she kind of likes you, but then you’re not really in a relationship. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong here, but everything in your email sounds like you’re not really a couple. And she says it quite directly here: “Dude, you can’t even go a day without texting me.”… So she feels really suffocated. So even if she might like you and maybe you were in a relationship because she asked you, “hey, how do you see us? You know, hey, what are we? What is this between us?” Obviously, she became really turned off at some point. And the more that you do this, the worse it gets, obviously.

And you got to pull back and hope that she gains that attraction back for you. She really appreciates the validation that she gets from you, the emotional attachment, the emotional bonding, the emotional support, all that stuff. Yeah, then she’s going to want more. But the problem is that you can’t even see her. So there’s no physical intimacy there, basically. So there’s no point for both of you. She can’t really go for it. She can’t suck your dick, basically. She can’t kiss you. She can’t make out with you. Neither can you. So there’s not really any way to escalate this further. So there’s no way to actually take your relationship to the next level. So there is no solution there. The only solution would be to live together. But it sounds to me that even when you already got to know each other, you were not living together. So I think you already started this relationship just with the wrong foot.

Look, long-distance relationships can work sometimes. And sometimes they happen unexpectedly. You know, maybe you meet someone on a vacation and you really like them. And then you try to make it work. Or maybe someone has to move somewhere abroad for like half a year or whatever. Things happen. But I would typically not enter a long-distance relationship just already with the knowledge that it’s going to be one. It’s never going to work out most likely because clearly, as you can see, she’s getting bored. She’s getting annoyed. There are probably lots of hot guys in Russia who want to bang her. And you never know what’s going on there. So she’s going to look at other guys most likely if she’s over there. I’m not saying that she’s a bad woman or whatever, but especially if she’s annoyed with you & you’re not clearly defined and it’s not a real relationship, then she’s probably just going to notice some other guy who’s not insecure in that moment. That probably happened. I can’t say for sure. But the chances are quite high.

Block Incoming: When She Gives You One Last Warning To Give Her Space

The conflicts became constant. She even started threatening me with blocking and it would be best if I backed off.

Look, if a girl threatens you with blocking you at that point, you should already know that it’s so bad that you should just pull away completely. And maybe even consider if you should still date this woman or still be interested in this woman. Because, just think about it. If it’s so bad that someone wants to block you, that person basically almost hates you. They’re just completely done with you. They’ve had enough of you. And yes, maybe you can reverse that, but it’s quite bad. Now in your situation, I would say just walk away. Why? Because, like I said, you never have been in a proper relationship. This was never something really serious. So why bother? This woman basically is just really annoyed with you and she will probably only come back when it suits her, when she needs some attention. And there’s not really much to win here. If it would be a more serious relationship, sure, then you could back off. You know, she will probably unblock you at some point or she, you know, threatens you with some shit like that. Look, relationships are complicated. And sometimes the women will be crazy. Sometimes you will be crazy. You were definitely too crazy in this instance. And, you know, time will heal all wounds. But I think there’s not really too much to gain here. Alright.

I asked her if she has a boyfriend. She said no, but it’s best to stop bothering. And one day she told me she wants the same. The difficulty is everywhere around us here with which I responded that it’s me who’s the problem.

So I’m not sure what that really meant with the difficulties everywhere. And she wants the same. But basically, you are now blaming yourself that you are the one who’s causing all the problems, which is true. But you’re basically putting yourself in simp territory. I don’t know how much you’ve been basically saying this and saying “It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry. And I’ll do better and blah, blah, blah.” Say it once, fix the behavior. And that’s it. And if you did this, say that once, you said once that you fixed the behavior. That should be it. And then she should be attracted to you again. And if that doesn’t happen, then you move on. But definitely don’t put yourself down all the time. You are a king. You should respect yourself. You should see your value. And even if you screwed up, stop screwing up and then the damage is done. You’ve done it. You can’t go back in the past. You can’t fix your mistakes from the past. You can only move forward strong. So move forward strong with or without her. So I hope that you only said this once. And if not, then you know why she’s very turned off.

She didn’t reply. And I told her: ‘How many times did I want to see you? And you went hundreds of kilometers away,’ and I messaged her: ‘When do you want me to call you?’…

So basically, now you’re like, you are the one who messaged her on Facebook, right? She was living 150 kilometers away already. And then you’re like “I’ve always wanted to see you. And then you’re the one who went away to Russia to study!” I mean, dude, it’s her life. She can do whatever she wants. And I mean, it’s your fault for messaging her and essentially messaging some random chick who lives way too far away. That’s not her responsibility. You made that choice. And if you really like her, if you were really attracted to her and you want to make it work, you can’t blame her. Now, for sure, that pissed her off. And you say that she: “Told you that she wants you to call her after six. And she replied because her plans with the university group failed for the night. We spent nearly two hours talking, laughing. She even told me she finds me more attractive with a beard and asked me how my grandma…” Ah, it’s kind of weird that you’re saying these really insecure things. “But then right after that, she’s having a laugh again.” I don’t know what you did that night, what you talked about. But it’s all over the place, I guess. You know, she can be annoyed with you one moment and then the next you can be very insecure, perhaps, and maybe she likes your appearance or your look. I don’t know what happened there but…

I messaged her four days later and she had the same cold behavior and I wanted to know the truth already because it drove me nuts and stressed me. She told me I am boring her and annoying her.

I can imagine because you’re just constantly insecure and wondering “Where do we stand? What is this between us? Hey, why are you not messaging me? When can I message you? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” She wants a man who is confident. She wants a man who even if he screws up sometimes, he owns up to it. And yeah, that’s it. Ownership as a man is so important. I recently stopped contact with a friend of mine who used to be my best friend, honestly. And I realized that I think he’s kind of a man child. He’s not really a man. He never takes ownership. It’s not attractive. But I’m no longer friends with him. Or yeah, I basically have almost no contact with him because I am so turned off by him not having any ownership in his life. He never takes ownership for the things that he does, his job, his projects, the things that he works on. Very simple things. And I’m just like, dude, like, I can’t be friends with you because you’re… It’s just unattractive. I’m not even… He’s my best friend. He used to be my best friend. And he’s just really unattractive as a person in general. Now, I think about that, how a woman will feel about something like this. Even worse. She’d be like, “Ah, no, no, no, no! I need a man who can take care of me!” So it’s just really important.

It’s not that I’m not interesting. I play guitar. I went to the gym for 10 years. I’m good looking, well read, and have a bachelor’s in Bulgarian…

Ah, Bulgaria. You’re from Bulgaria.

…in Bulgarian philology.

I’m not sure what that is. Philology. So you think that you’re the shit. You think that you’re amazing. Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. It sounds to me that you are crazy in love with yourself. Now, if I look at your behavior and what you just told me there, there is a bit of a discrepancy with how you interact basically with women. So, do you really think that you’re that amazing? Or, I mean, what’s going on there? There’s just a huge disconnect there. Now, I think that you’re maybe a little bit too much in love with yourself. I think it’s easy to become arrogant and too proud of yourself. But then when you actually see someone else who has their shit together, you’re like, oh, shit. This guy is very intimidating. I used to be like that. That I used to be very in love with myself and think that I’m super amazing. And I used to be very naive. Then I would see some other guys and be secretly really insecure. I don’t know if that’s you, but maybe that is you. You definitely have a bit of an insecure nature. So something to think about. Now, anyway, you then say that in regarding to that she says that you’re boring and annoying, you replied:

What about our call a couple of days ago? Was I annoying to you that day? We spent nearly two hours to point out the lack of logic in her words. She replied: ‘Yes, you are annoying me.’…

So you’re basically saying that it doesn’t make sense. What’s the logic there? How can you say I’m boring and annoying if we had a call for two hours? Yeah, you can be fun and interesting one moment and then completely freaking obnoxious the next. And if you are more obnoxious and annoying on average, then what is going to think? “Yeah, I don’t want anything to do with you because you’re boring and obnoxious and annoying and insecure.” Just because you maybe were on top of your game for like two hours, where it was fun, but then next thing she knows, it two days later, you’re really insecure again. You know, whatever she sees more frequently, that’s what she’s going to think about you. So you have to think about how do you show up to her on average? And I think on average, you’ve always shown up very insecure with her. So it doesn’t matter if you could be really great together. If you have some character flaw, which is insecurity, and that shows up over and over and over and you can’t make it work.

No Contact Rule After Being Blocked: When You Got Blocked By Your Ex Girlfriend After Suffocating Her

I said “You are lying to me and you know it.” And then she wrote in anger: ‘OMG’ and she instantly blocked my messenger.

Yeah, that’s super insecure… “What are you saying? You’re lying to me and you know it!“… Why the heck would she lie to you? She just told you what she thinks. You’re saying she’s lying to you because you don’t want to accept the truth, man. Dude, man up. You are annoying her. You’re boring. You are probably not as interesting as you think you are. I know that this is mean and it sounds harsh to say something like this, but you got to wake up. We’re all not that special. We all have flaws and you got to work on them or women will give no to fucks about you. That’s just the reality. You clearly have some issues that you need to work on. And this woman just wants nothing to do with you. That’s why I said again in your scenario, I would just move on because you never had a proper relationship with this woman, even though you’re telling yourself that you had one. And it’s just not really going anywhere there. But anyways, let’s see how you continue. So clearly you’re blocked. She’s had enough of it.

I instantly wrote to her on Viber that I will stop. She doesn’t have to do this and that I am sorry. And boom, blocked there as well. One week went by and I called her number. No reply. I called for three to four seconds and closed the phone.

Yeah. So if she blocked you in the new message or somewhere else, it’s never going to work out. Look, you said this yourself. You are good at backing away, but you were clearly way too much into her and you stopped thinking rationally. It’s all in your heart, all in your insecurities. What you should have done is when she blocked you is: Let it go. You screwed it up and she probably would have unblocked you after a few weeks if she really likes you. Now, again, like I said, you don’t have that much attachment yet. You never really met up together.

I don’t even know if you ever had sex, for example, or kissed her or held your hand. I guess you didn’t, right? So maybe she wouldn’t unblock you. Maybe she would. I can’t say but the odds are not so high in this case because there’s probably some dude in Russia that might be fucking her right now who is not insecure, but most importantly, he touches her. There’s physical touch. That’s very important. You know, women want intimacy with a guy and if she can’t have it with you, but she can have it with some other guy and you’re insecure on top of that… She’s going to go for the Russian guy where she can have some intimacy.

I went into no contact. But one month later, I called her again out of curiosity.

No, you didn’t call her out of curiosity. You called her out of insecurity.

Guess what? My number was blocked.

Big shocker!

No Contact Rule For Growth: If She Blocked You Focus On Yourself And Regain Your Dignity

It’s been 74 days since she blocked me on Facebook and I started working on myself. I went hard in the gym, lost eight kilograms, became ripped, started learning basketball, and I’m really enjoying it & it makes me focused and stress-free.

Good! If that’s what you’ve been doing, keep at it. So I got this email… Maybe two, three months ago. So it’s been now about maybe it’s been about 130, 160 days since no contact. If you’re still in no contact, sometimes it takes me a long time to make videos about this stuff. So if you want help, do a coaching session with me. Anyway, it’s been about 130 days probably since you’ve been in no contact and you’re stress-free and you’re enjoying it. If that’s what you’re feeling, if that’s really true, then stay that way. Just focus on yourself. Have fun. Keep at it at a gym. Have some good time. Lately, I’m really enjoying the sunsets by the beach. I used to work like crazy and like I said, I’m taking a break now because I also want to just enjoy Bali more. I used to not go around too much in Bali before. Just in that one area that I live in.

Now I travel more with this bike and I just look at different areas and see, hey, maybe I want to live here. Maybe I want to live here. Where are the cute girls and all that stuff? You know, enjoy your life. Enjoy your time. So if you’ve managed to do that, good for you. We all need stress-free times and I’m the best proof. Everybody can burn out. Everybody can sometimes feel at their worst. And if I would choose a woman versus being stress-free and having a happy life, I would choose. stress-free and happy life because women will come back. But that stress that you have, that will just actually accumulate in your body over time. You won’t get any younger and some of these stress symptoms, they really manifest in your body. That’s why I’m taking a conscious break right now because I really need to just take time for me. I’m going to go to do some more yoga, some more surfing and just take it a little bit easy because I’ve been working like crazy on the course. So keep doing what you’ve been doing.

After No Contact: Do You Really Want To Be With Her Or Are You Just Lacking Confidence?

I met new people and increased my social circle. I got my shit together at my job. No more hiding the text with her (huh?) I still love her and no contact helped me realize how I was suffocating, how I was annoying and needy, but I want to be with her. The kid is not a problem and she knows it. I’ve told her that numerous times and proved that to her.

Yeah, sure. I am assuming that is not an issue, but I mean, why is not an issue to you? Actually, I would ask myself something: Why is she not entertaining dating someone else? Why would she even entertain to date some guy 150 kilometers away from her when she could just have some other guy? Because she’s a single mom. She’s not that desirable anymore. Now, you said that she’s slim and model, like maybe she’s super hot. You know, again, it’s about weighing the pros and cons, obviously, but she has the problem with the single mom and she’s 23, right? So she’s not that desirable. So you should think about whether there are some red flags?

Also, you said that she went to Russia with other kids. I know life is complicated, but if it would be me, I would not go study for my master’s degree. It’s just it’s just a freaking master’s degree. What’s more important, your child, your daughter or your master’s degree? I mean, sorry, but for me, it would be my family, my child, because that’s my flesh and blood. My master’s degree at the end of the day is just fucking useless, a thing on piece and paper. I know some people care about this and your certificates and all that stuff. You can be proud of them, of course. But hey, like I said, what’s more important, master’s degree or your daughter? If it’s so important to you to have a master’s degree, of course, you know, sure, fine. But bring your daughter with you, right? Make it work. I’m just saying I probably wouldn’t date this woman.

Waiting For Your Ex After She Blocked You: Will My Ex Unblock Me One Day? Will She Ever Come Back?

Do you think it may work out again? And do I have a chance to get unblocked because she was always very curious about my life before the block. But now she just threw me away like I’m trash and like one and a half years never meant anything to her. I will continue no contact because I’m a different person now. There’s definitely a change in me and I like it.

Well, is there a chance that she will unblock you? Well, let me just get something here. I often like to say this. What’s the chance? Flip a coin. I didn’t catch it. Damn it. Flip a coin, man. Will she unblock you? Dude, maybe, maybe not. The problem is you’ve never really had much attachment, never really a strong connection. You think that you have a strong emotional connection. But I have a feeling you think that because you haven’t dated enough women. You are probably not okay with being single enough. I think you should go on some dating apps. Now I know that’s a contradiction, but you should go on some dating apps and realize that there are so many women out there and that you can always have new women. There’s an endless supply of women and you can have them. You need to realize that “I’m still single right now and I don’t give a shit because right now” I’m focusing on two new businesses right now. Number one, well, the one I’m not really focused on yet, but I want to open a coffee shop here in Indonesia in the future. So I’m learning. I just got my first French press. I’m starting to learn how to make coffee now. It’s number one and I’m starting an Indonesian dating channel as well.

I do it very different than this channel, but I’m basically expanding the things that I’m doing and you know, I’m just looking ahead in the future and I just don’t feel like I want to date right now, or at least I feel like I don’t want to commit to a woman right now. And I’m very transparent about this and I don’t care because I can match with another woman any moment. Actually, I got Tinder premium or was it Tinder gold a few days ago and I saw like.. Damn…!!! There’s this insanely hot model! She’s absolutely gorgeous. I think she might have just moved to Bali. I think she used to live somewhere else. Now she lives in Bali and you know, like, dude, you have so many options. You just don’t know it. You open up Tinder and you maybe have a huge stack of women that are really hot, that are into you that want to meet you.

So learn to be okay to be single. I think you’ve already done that for the most part now because you’ve worked on yourself, but you also now need to learn that you can be single and also have a good dating life. You can meet a great woman. You can meet a lot of great women and you know, there’s no rush. There’s a lot of great women that you can have, but you can also stay single. You know, just go your own way. Is she going to come back? Maybe I think there’s a chance that she will unblock you, but I think honestly, she will not unblock you for the right reasons. I think she will just unblock you because you know, she’s bored. Something’s not great going great in her life. And she is probably breaking up with some dude and now she needs some affection. And then she’s going to use you for some benefits. Basically, you’re going to be the friends with benefits, but not in a good way. Now, maybe she really likes you. Maybe she really loves you, but I think I have my doubts about this. All right.

So I think you should just accept that. Like I said, it’s flip a coin. 50/50, maybe even not even 50/50. Damn it! Why can’t I fucking catch the coin? And you know, don’t keep your hopes up. If she comes back in the future, cool. But you should definitely date other women. It’s just not something worth pursuing. And again, you know, like I said, also, she’s a single mom at the age of 23 and you’re 27. Dude, you’re still young and you probably don’t want to go down that route. It’s not that great to have that much responsibility. If you date a woman and you know, it happens that you that she becomes pregnant. Yeah. Okay, fine. Why not? Right. Or if you’re a little bit older, you know, fine. Why not? But you’re just too young man. Don’t do that to yourself. That’s my take on it. Maybe you think differently and clearly you’ve been too insecure. I think just, you know, file this in your cabinet as, you know, the kind of woman that you screwed up with. Lesson learned. And it will probably not work out. And you probably won’t even care about her in two years from now because you met some other great woman in real life. Like I said, maybe you walk into the next store and then there’s a cute woman and you start flirting with her if you develop some game, of course, and it will be the best flirting session that you’ve ever had and the best connection that you’ve ever had in the longest time. So, you know, that’s just a food for thought. All right. So let me know in the comments what you think. Give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel. Never forget to unleash the king within. And again, thanks so much for 1000 subscribers.

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