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What To Do If A Woman Ignores You? Dealing With A Low Interest Girl!

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In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about low-interest women. What to do when a woman has just seemingly not much interest in you? She’s quite attractive, you really want her, but she’s just not really into you. Or she’s making it really hard for you. It’s hard to talk to her on the dating app. It’s hard to get her on a messenger. It’s hard to just keep the conversation going. It’s hard to start a conversation with her. All of these things. What do you do with a woman like this? My perspective on this is, ultimately, that if a woman is too low interest and it is too hard, then you should just move on. Find the next best woman.

How Alpha Males Handle Rejection: There’s Only One Way To Respond When She Starts Ignoring You

And a lot of guys make the mistake that they talk to woman that is very low interest and they just try desperately to get her to like them. And that is never going to work out because you want to be with a woman who obviously is really into you. It’s just too much work. It’s not fun. Why would you do this to yourself? You are a king so you should always be with a woman who really wants to be with you & who messages you all the time. I just got a message from a girl earlier on my IG sending me a good morning text because she’s really into me. That’s how it should be like. So I have a message from a guy who’s in a situation like this. And he’s asking for advice. So that was kind of the too long, didn’t read, but let’s see what is the situation, and let’s see what you have to say about this.

Can’t Keep Her Interested: What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Slow To Respond And What To Do

Hey coach, I’m having some dating problems right now with this really cute girl that I matched with two to three months ago. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but she seems like she has very low little interest in me, or rather, it’s kind of like in a cycle. She sometimes goes very hot and cold, with big fluctuations between showing a lot of interest and talking to me, and then there are these breaks of very little interest, slow response times, or sometimes no reply at all until a long time after my messages. If she wouldn’t be so attractive, I wouldn’t care, but she could legit be a model. Her body is fire.

I swear, it’s really funny that you’re saying that she could legit be a model. I am Bumbling right now and I saw that earlier this morning, a model, she liked my profile, basically, but I haven’t swiped her right yet. So I’m still figuring out do I actually swipe her right because I’m not thinking with my dick and I know that there are problems with this woman. That woman who swiped me, she is hot, she has her own model agency, she clearly has her shit figured out, but she is a single mother. So that’s a bit of a red flag for me. And she’s my age. So she’s the same age as me. 32. So I’m a little bit torn between it, but at the same time, she probably also has a lot of hot friends, so I’m thinking a little bit with my dick here. But typically, I would say okay I’m not gonna swipe this woman because she’s a single mom and she’s my age as well. So why would I go for it? And you’re clearly doing the same thing. Right, you’re saying she could legit be a model and because of that, you’re throwing all your rationality overboard, basically. It’s just the same thing like my situation. If this woman would not be a model, if she wouldn’t have her shit figured out, if she wouldn’t be really freaking hot and would have all these nice posing pictures, then I would never even entertain the thought of dating a woman like this, because she’s a single mom.

But I’m thinking with this one, and you’re doing the same thing. If I listen to this, you’re saying that it’s been two to three months now that this has been going on. And at this point, I would just say okay you know what? Maybe it’s just not going anywhere. And it’s kind of a cycle. Hot and cold. You can’t convince her, and yes sure, you could now think about… “Well, let me try to figure out what have I done wrong? Or what did I do not so optimally? What could I have said differently? How do I approach the situation wrong? Or is there something off with her? Is she just having a difficult time right now and that’s why she’s often going cold? Or what’s going on with her?” … Then you could try to figure all these things out, but at the end of the day, that’s three months already where this is going on.

So at some point, you gotta ask yourself is this still worth it? And no matter how hot the woman is, even if she’s a model… And as I said, I just literally swiped, well, no I didn’t swipe the model, but the model liked me, and even if she’s a literal model, you gotta weigh the pros and cons. And so in your case, the con is clearly low interest. In my case, she’s a single mom. And then, are the pros good enough? Is she hot enough? Is she fun enough? And I’m doing the same thing with mine. She is hot. She has her shit figured out. She knows exactly what she’s doing with her life. So that’s why I’m still entertaining the thought of dating her, even though I have never dated a single mom. But well, maybe at this point, I’m getting a little bit older. So slowly, I gotta deal with the fact that a lot of women will be single moms. Pros and cons.

You gotta weigh this carefully and ask yourself is this really worth it? Or rather, is she really worth it? And nobody can give you that answer except for yourself. Typically, I would say in videos don’t date a single mom. For example, it’s just typically most of the time not a good idea. But at the end of the day, it always depends on you, your situation, how you feel, your current situation in life, your age, and do you want to settle down, do you mind this kind of stuff, and for example, if you would be younger… Let’s say, if you would be 23 or 24 and you would match with a woman who is a freaking supermodel and she’s a little bit hot and cold, I can guarantee you you will have a lot more tolerance for this than when you are 30 or when you are 40. So obviously, it’s all up to your discretion. It’s your decision what decision to make, but I would just suggest to ask yourself is she really worth it?

Get Her To Go On A Date: What To Do If A Girl Refuses To Give You Her Number

The problem is that we have not even once gone out on a date. And it’s been hard even just getting her WhatsApp number. I asked her ‘Hey, do you have WhatsApp? I almost unmatched you *laughing smiley face*’… And she said that she had WhatsApp but didn’t use it since she also uses it for work. So I didn’t ask for her contact details for several weeks before I asked her again. But this time for Instagram, which she then finally gave me, but also that, she didn’t give me her handle. So I told her to add me with my handle and then she added me.

So at the very least, this would have been a signal for you to evaluate if this is really worth it. Now, I wouldn’t say that this is a clear sign to just walk away from a woman like this, but if she won’t add you, and especially her WhatsApp excuse is kind of bullshit, like really?? You don’t want to add me on WhatsApp because you’re using it for work? Okay, fine, maybe that is true. Maybe she doesn’t wanna. I don’t know. I mean it’s a weird excuse but hey maybe she has a weird way of thinking. Maybe it’s true, but the thing is, she didn’t suggest an alternative. She’s basically just cock-blocking you and saying: Nah, sorry. I don’t use WhatsApp. If she would be really into you, then she would just say “I have Instagram,” or “I have TikTok,” or “I have Signal,” I don’t care what it is… Or Facebook Messenger. Whatever she likes to keep in touch with guys. She would just suggest this if she’s really into you.

And so the harsh truth is that she just isn’t really into you because it basically only worked on the second try and even on the second try, basically, she didn’t give you her handle at first, and you had to give her your handle, right? So she said yes, I have Instagram, but she won’t even send her handle. Let’s be real: If a girl would be into you, she would just… Actually, this happened to me yesterday. A girl that I was talking to, I just matched with her like an hour before that, we were talking, and then she asked me to add her on Instagram. So if the girl is into you then she wants to talk with you and she will she will make it really easy for you. And she, instead, is making it really hard for you. So maybe she’s dating someone. Maybe she’s dating multiple guys. Maybe there’s still an ex in the picture. Something like that.

The bottom line is she’s not enough into you to actually commit to you in the sense of well, at least taking the next step further. And so when that happens, when she’s basically cock-blocking you, “Sorry, I can’t use WhatsApp because it’s my work WhatsApp“… First of all, that excuse is seriously bullshit, to be honest, but the second thing is… Well, okay, so now what? You’re basically in limbo… So at that point, you’re just going to chat on the dating app, but you know that you can’t move it further if you can’t even get her on a messenger app. So what are the odds that you can actually go out on a date with her?

And you said it that you haven’t gone out on any single dates yet, clearly, because she has very low interest. So that is a kind of a red flag. If a girl, in the beginning, is very reserved, okay, that can happen actually. Some girls don’t really fully understand why we always want to add them on Instagram or on any messenger apps. They’re confused. What’s up with that? And not a lot of them, but some women really just don’t get it. But a lot of women will also understand exactly what you’re doing. And she’s basically cock-blocking you and saying sorry, you shall not pass! There’s no way further! And then she’s just chatting with you on these dating apps, but there’s no progress. There is a little bit chatting here and there but that’s it. So obviously, you don’t want that.

Especially if the girl that you’re dating, or well you’re not really dating her, the girl that you match with, she is a hot model… That is why you matched with her. Let’s be real: Her body & her attractiveness level is a huge part why you matched her and why you are even still entertaining the thought of dating her. But then as you can see, you’re not getting the one thing that you want so desperately, which is her body. So then if you think about it, why would you actually date her? Because you’re not getting the one thing that turned you on about her. I’m not saying that women don’t have other qualities, but let’s be real here, she’s a supermodel or she looks like a model. It’s just like that model that I matched with. I look at her pictures and I get turned on, and I’m like “Damn girl! You look freaking hot!” … And I can already think about all kinds of things. About what sex would be with her. It would be pretty good, I’m assuming, and so ask yourself, can you get this stuff? Can you get the sex? Can you get the good stuff? Such as physical intimacy. Clearly, it doesn’t look like it. So again, you gotta ask yourself do you want this? Why would you go for this? Why would you waste your time with this? That’s the important question.

She Ignores My Flirty Texts: She Thinks You’re Not Interesting Enough To Date — Date Another Girl

Now, I have tried a lot of nagging here and there, to be playful with her, kind of not putting her on a pedestal, but in the end, it always comes down to me having to initiate the conversations, which gets tiring. I try hard to show her that I’m an alpha kind of guy and that I’m not here to please her. I don’t approve of all her opinions. I’m not a yes-man and I’m definitely not a simp, but despite all of this, I just can’t raise her attraction level. I feel like I tried a lot of texting games with her already. So maybe you have an idea what I could do with her. We have been texting for nearly three months now and like I said, it’s going very slowly and I honestly can’t tell sometimes if she’s generally busy with work or if she’s slow interest.

Yes, she’s clearly low interest. And one thing that I want to mention here is you mentioned a lot that you’re an alpha kind of guy. You’re not a simp. You are not a people-pleaser, or you’re not a woman-pleaser. You’re not trying to get her approval of her opinions. This kind of stuff. I’m guessing you’re not afraid to tell her what you think. That is good. But in a way, you are still being a simp, or at least, let’s say you are putting her on a pedestal. But it’s very subtle because let’s think about this… What defines a simp? A simp on… IG… If you just go on IG… Yea, so this hot model that I matched, uh who liked me, I checked out her IG and she has all of these simpy guys sending her comments like… Whatever… “Oh, you’re so beautiful!” and stuff like that. And she probably doesn’t even know these guys, right? They probably just saw her profile on the dating app and then they try to get her attention, right… That’s a classical simp. Just like no self-respect and no self-awareness that she’s just not interested in you. She doesn’t even acknowledge your existence. That is in a way happening with you as well. She is kind of not acknowledging your existence. But at the very least, I mean she acknowledges that you exist, but she doesn’t really care too much about your existence. And so she can still see that you are more into her than she’s into you.

So in a sense, she is at the very least still on the pedestal. I know you are not treating her like you’re going to jump if she says jump… If she says jump out of the building, you don’t ask how high, for sure. I’m absolutely sure that is the truth. But you’re giving her too much time. You’re giving her too much attention. Ultimately, if she doesn’t give you any attention, then you gotta mirror it back. Don’t give her any attention. And if she is that hot, then she gets this kind of attention all the time. As I said, I swiped through the profile of this model earlier, or was it last night… Well, I had sleep problems last night, and it was in morning, or both…

Anyways, I looked through her profile and lots of messages by guys who just sent these simpy comments. She has like 20000 followers, or something like that, and I can guarantee you all of these guys, she doesn’t know any of those guys. And she has no interest in these guys. And I don’t know what it is about me, but she’s more into me than these simpy guys, and probably something in my profile. Maybe it’s my masculine style. My beard. Maybe it’s what I wrote in my description. I’m very direct in what I want and what I don’t want. I’m not shy to say that I want good sex and stuff like that. And so I just say very clearly what I want and I don’t simp, and my profile basically expresses that I’m not here to please any woman. I expect the woman to actually please me. And that’s probably why this model is into me and giving me attention even though I was very surprised… I don’t have premium right now and she right-swiped me. I honestly didn’t expect that because a woman of her caliber has a lot of guys. So she will probably typically choose the hottest guys. Super Chads. So that gives you some perspective.

There must be a lot of insecure, weak & needy men with this kind of woman that you’re dating, or that you’re talking to, and they give her attention all the time. And you are still giving her attention. So that lowers her attraction right away. My suggestion is that there is no attraction level right now and she’s totally low interest. So I would just pull back and either this is just completely gone, give it up, let it go, or she comes back at some point, hopefully, and then hopefully, she also increases that attraction and she actually takes some action steps but from what you’ve told me so far, she could be very busy… Maybe she is… I don’t know… Maybe she’s got something going on in her life that could be the case, for sure, but ultimately, it doesn’t seem like she really wants to meet up with you. And if I just listen to what you said… Three months of trying to nag and play games or whatever… Trying to figure out what works with her. That is exhausting! Compare that with the girl yesterday that I talked to and it took me like an hour for her to ask me to add her on IG. It’s so freaking easy and I can guarantee you she’s gonna message me in my inbox. I’m gonna post some stories, then she’s gonna initiate the messages all the time because she’s very high interest.

That’s the kind of woman that you wanna be with. So that’s really important to consider. Again, ask yourself is she worth it. Ultimately, her sex appeal is one consideration that matters, but also, your self-respect, your dignity. Are you actually getting something out of this situation with her? And it doesn’t seem like you’re feeling too good about yourself because I mean, it’s like constant rejection, basically. So that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. So why would you want to be with a woman who makes you feel bad about yourself? I would rather be with a woman who makes me feel good all the time, who shows me how freaking amazing I am. And let’s be real: That’s what a woman expects from a guy as well. And we should all have equal treatment. If a guy has to treat a woman nicely and show her that she’s special, then a woman should do the same thing. And if she doesn’t, there are five women who are interested to do it.

She’s Keeping You As An Option: How Long Is Too Long To Talk Before Dating?

When we do talk, our conversations can be really good, but despite that, we’re not moving any closer. At this point, it feels like this is more like a platonic relationship than a sexual one and I’m confused because I feel like it’s a mixed signal. She hasn’t ghosted me or anything like that, but she’s not showing me that she’s attracted to me either. So what do you suggest in a precarious situation like this? A part of me wants to give up with her, but the other part of me is my horniness, I guess, so help is very much appreciated.

Look, if you’re being so straightforward and it’s basically your horniness, let’s be real: There are a lot of hot women that you can fuck, that you can have a lot of fun with. And yes, of course, there is an appeal to date an incredibly beautiful woman, but I’m gonna go back again to the model that I saw yesterday. She’s really hot and yes, the sex would be amazing. I would be fucking her… If you’ve ever dated a model, or fucking a model, which I have multiple times, at least, the very first time that it happens to you, you are fucking her and you can’t believe that you’re fucking this kind of woman. And you wake up next to her and you’re like “Shit this is insane!” … And it’s great! Don’t get me wrong! It’s freaking great! But is she that different from an above-average-looking woman who is not a model, but she’s still very attractive? Is there that much difference? Honestly, there is not that much difference. Yes, it is nice. It’s a great bonus, absolutely. But it is definitely not everything.

At some point, if the woman is hot enough, then you don’t really need that much more. It’s like diminishing returns. It is super nice if she’s super freaking hot, but there are always pros and cons to every situation. And really hot women get hit on all the time, for example. They can be very insecure as well. So it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. You can fulfill your sexual needs elsewhere as well. If that is what you’re going for. If that’s what you really want, you can find a woman who is almost the same hotness level, maybe a little bit lower, and I think you will still be happy with this kind of woman. Now, the last thing that I want to mention here is basically you feel like it is a platonic relationship. That’s something that’s really important to consider as well. She doesn’t have to give you anything. So maybe she’s literally being fucked by some other guy because she’s really hot. So let’s be real. She can have any hot guy. So maybe right now she’s already getting sex and she’s using you for emotional support, maybe when she’s bored. She just wants to talk to you. Maybe she doesn’t know what to do on the weekend or something like that. Or she can’t go out, or something like that. Or she’s sick, or whatever. And she needs to kill some time.

And here you are, ready to message with her, and it’s nice for her. It’s like you are her good friend. She doesn’t have to commit too much. She doesn’t have to do too much. And you’re still going to be there in her inbox. So if she gets bored, she can basically talk to you. Now, that can be malicious, or it cannot be malicious. Some women don’t realize this. They’re not very aware of that they’re doing this. And they’re just happy to talk to some guy, but they’re they don’t even know why they don’t really commit or go out on dates with them. And then there’s also a lot of women who know exactly what they’re doing and they’re just using the guys. And there are more women out there who do this than you might think. And yes, some of them are aware of this, and I would assume that a woman like her is most likely quite aware of it because she knows how hot she is. I assume. And she knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows exactly what she’s getting with her attractiveness. She’s been getting benefits because she’s hot her entire life, especially with men. And so she knows most likely what she’s doing. So that’s another thing to consider. She’s probably just using you. It’s convenient for her. Maybe if she needs some help, or advice, or insight, or an opinion, for example, she can just message you.

Now, what do I think you should do? My opinion, in general, is just let it go. This is not worth it. I don’t think that you’re making any progress. And if in three months nothing has changed… No difference in your approach will most likely make a difference, unless you’ve been a huge simp. Yes, if you would be a super big simp and putting her like crazy on a pedestal, then a behavior change and completely shifting it around would definitely be a huge change, at least she probably would wonder what’s going on and maybe she would become more interested in you. But from the sounds of it you are a relatively secure guy. It’s just that you’re giving this woman too much value. But you’re not showing it to her too much. So you’re not like one of those pathetic simps who messages or sends replies on Instagram posts. “Oh, you’re so pretty” … Or “beautiful!“… Or something like that. And with no self-respect, basically.

I don’t think that’s you. So I don’t think that you can change anything in your behavior that will change her behavior. So I would just move on. Find another woman. I know that she’s really hot. I know that you want the pussy. I know you want her hot body, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. And it is sometimes just a waste of time and you can just get a lot more women who are really into you, who are quite attractive and the sex is going to be great. And trust me, when you are with a woman who is relatively as similarly hot and she’s fucking your brains out, you will not even think about this woman ever in your life again. So that is my advice what to do with a low interest woman. Basically… Low effort. Close to no effort. If she comes back, sure, you can try it again. But it’s probably not gonna happen. And even if she comes back, she has to increase her interest and show more effort. And then, once she does that, you also show more effort. So that’s my advice for you. Let me know in the comments what do you think. Should he chase her? Should he not chase her? Should he give it another try? And of course, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and never forget to unleash the king within.

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