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Why Do Women Only Like Stupid Jerks Who Treat Them Like Shit?!

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In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about women who only date stupid jerks. Why the fuck do they do that? Maybe you’ve dealt with this in the past that you’ve dated a woman or well, you haven’t dated a woman, maybe you’ve known a woman or maybe you’ve also wanted to date a woman and you kind of were stuck in the friend zone and she just kept on dating these really shitty guys. I can still remember this best friend of mine/girl that I wanted to date when I was in high school or barely out of high school, and she was just into this really fucking asshole and this guy basically threatened to kill me. He was a total beta male in retrospective but I was also a beta male back then and he was a “fake alpha male” basically. He was a total dick and she completely defended this guy.

The Alpha Male Appeal: Why Do Women Date Jerks Who Don’t Treat Them Right?

Sometimes you think “why the fuck do women date these guys?!” and the reality is, it’s because they’re alpha males. Or at the very least they’re more alpha than you are. So if you’re too beta male, if you let yourself be pushed around too much, then you’re not gonna date certain kinds of women. Now, you might think that these women are fucking stupid and that they are not rational enough, why would they date guys who don’t treat them right, who are abusive, and so on. But women are emotional creatures and they just act how they feel in the moment. And if they see a guy and it feels right in the moment, they will go with that guy. And women can be very loyal, they will stick around with a guy no matter how shitty he is. And of course, not no matter how shitty he is. At some point, they will probably leave him but they will hold on to a guy for a long time until they just can’t take it at all anymore. Or some women also stick with jerks for pretty much their entire life and actually, in this situation I have a message from a guy where it is really the case. The girl that he used to like, she dated a total dick, basically. So let me give a little bit of a commentary on his situation.

Women Date With Emotions: Why Women Love Bad Boys And What You Can Learn From Them

Hello coach, I’d like to hear your two cents on well, maybe not necessarily a specific dating situation that I have but more like a commentary on your take on women who always date stupid jerks. I don’t get why women would always date these shitty guys who are unfaithful, abusive, not truthful, or just in general, don’t value a woman. It’s immeasurably stupid and I don’t get it. Why the fuck do women do this kind of shit?

Yeah, it’s just like I said: Because they are emotional creatures. And so if a guy is unfaithful, abusive, not truthful, or just doesn’t value a woman, do you think she is going to see that in the moment, right? When she dates him? No, women do not think rationally like we guys do. Now, I don’t know if this is because I have a spidey sense, but I can just often, very very, very often, I can just look at a guy and I can just tell that there is something off about him and I can see the kind of guy that a girl is dating and I’m just like “Really? You’re dating this guy?” and I can kind of feel that there’s something wrong with him. You know I just have a spidey sense about this or rather it’s probably rationality. Because let’s be real: If you are not a blind guy, if you can see the person is a stupid idiot, yeah you can just tell that someone is a stupid fuck.

Basically, you can see if some guy is unintelligent, not smart, only wants to fuck around, is untruthful, doesn’t have morals, lies a lot and these kinds of things. You can just tell pretty quickly with people. You just gotta pay attention to someone’s actions. But women often don’t do that. They just pay attention to how they feel in the moment. And so if they feel good in the moment, let’s say they meet a guy who is abusive, that guy won’t abuse her right in the beginning. Sometimes you can spot the signs very early and the woman who dates this guy, she needs to really open her eyes. She needs to evaluate how she dates obviously. But she’s not gonna see his abusive side in the beginning. Because in the beginning he probably won’t even be abusive. He will only start to become abusive at some point. If he’s not a crazy fucking abusive person, he will become abusive after maybe six months, or maybe after a year. But by that time the woman already has invested too much in that guy. And because she’s thinking with her emotions, not with her brain, she’s not rational like you and I, she doesn’t just let go of it.

If you would be with a woman who just abuses you, quite obviously, I’m assuming you would probably break up with her. Now with that said, there are also things such as the traumabond that keeps us bonded to abusive people. So women who get into these situations because they think too much with their emotions and with their heart, they get into these situations, and then they don’t realize that they’re slowly getting a little bit of abuse every now and then or negative impulses from their partners. And these negative impulses, they actually bond them closer to their partners. It’s really fucked up, but that’s really how human psychology works. Because we kind of cling to the positives when there’s so much negative in the relationship. Then we cling to the positive stuff. And so what happens is with a woman, at first, she’s going to pay attention to the positive stuff. It’s going to be really great in the first six months, in the first 12 months, maybe 16 months or so. But over time it slowly becomes a little bit worse and worse. At that point, she already is attached to that guy and then anything that’s negative is going to turn into a trauma bond. So then she basically clings on to the positive things. And so that’s why she dates these stupid jerks. That’s roughly the logic behind that.

Friend Zoned By Her: She Rejected Me But We’re Still Friends & She Started Dating Someone Else

Anyway, I changed my mind. Lol I want your thoughts on a girl that I used to date for quite some time. We met a long time ago. Maybe four years ago or so. When we first got to know each other, we were friends but we had a really good connection. We would talk a lot and eventually decided that we wanted to go on a trip together. We had that trip planned for quite some time, but shortly before the trip, she cancelled and told me that she started dating someone. But shortly before the trip she cancelled and told me that she started dating someone. I was really crushed, but despite all of it, we remained friends and we still went out and it felt like dates to me.

That’s the problem! It felt like dates to you. To her, you were basically just her emotional support bag at this moment. You were there for her. This guy might not have been her support at all. Because obviously, there’s a problem with this guy. But she still has you as her friend. You should have never accepted to be friends or if you would have accepted to stay friends you should have just closed yourself off from the possibility of being with her, and you should have definitely not gone on dates with her. Even if you just meet up with her for normal friendly stuff. It’s not the right idea to do that. Because obviously, she’s dating someone, so that would always just cause trouble, even if you honestly would have honest intentions and you didn’t want to get into her pants, or didn’t hope that at some point she will break up with this guy. It’s just gonna cause trouble. It’s not gonna benefit you or her in any way. Well, it benefits her because she gets the emotional support and what do you get? You get nothing. You just basically get a lot of despair and sorrow and false hope to think that in the future this could work out. She’s probably not aware of it but she’s basically using you at that point.

Why Women Love Bad Boys: Things Bad Boys Do That Nice Guys Don’t — Seducing Her With Confidence

She actually broke up with that guy back then and I thought we could still make it work. Our chemistry was really great. You could just feel that there was something in the air when we’d go out for dinner. We would always have so much fun together and she was always smiling when she was with me. I thought we would finally get together but then she started dating some guy again. And this time it was worse. I mean he was worse.

So why is she dating these other guys when you obviously have good chemistry? Because you’re probably not taking any action. You say that you could tell that there was good chemistry and I actually don’t deny that. I have a feeling that you both could have dated. She was smiling and you were having a good time. It was always great with her. But if you don’t take action, if you don’t seduce her then someone else is going to do that job for you. And clearly, that’s what happened there because basically, you’re behaving too much like a beta male. You’re too afraid to make a move and so even though she really likes you, if some other guy comes along it’s not even necessarily her fault. Maybe she actually has some interest in you but you’re not making a move. Then she runs into some really alpha guy who turns her on. Even if he’s shitty she won’t know it in the beginning. She’s really turned on by his confidence. Then she starts dating him. Now you’ve lost again. So let’s see what’s going on because you say that he’s worse. So let’s see.

When She Dates A Jerk: I Lost Tough With Her Once She Started Dating A Bad Boy

She told me about him and that he would often neglect her. He wouldn’t make time for her and she said that he sometimes made her feel like she just wanted sex. She also said that he wouldn’t always respect her and he was just in general a total dick in my opinion. So I thought okay there is no way that this relationship was going to last because honestly this guy was a total asshole. I don’t think he valued her at all. He was just using her for his convenience. Not fully committing to her. Playing around a lot. Anyway, so then we kind of lost touch.

Now, the ironic part here, by the way, is that you say that he was using her for convenience, basically. Not fully committing to her. Well, what was she doing? She was using you for convenience and not committing to you, basically. I know you didn’t make a move but she also has at least a little bit of fault here. Ultimately, the fault is on your side because you didn’t make any moves. I think you’re just way too passive and the other guys are much more aggressive. And if he’s a total asshole and he is a total dick, like you say… He didn’t value her, and he didn’t respect her, and didn’t make time for her and all of that stuff. Whatever. A total tool basically. A fucking useless asshole. Why the fuck would she date someone like that? Makes no sense, right? Well, she would date someone like this because he doesn’t give a shit. That is sexy. When she first meets him he just doesn’t seem like he cares. But he doesn’t seem to not care because he’s just grounded and doesn’t give a shit about anything with women. And he’s just confident with who he is. That’s not the reason. It’s just because he doesn’t value women. But she can’t tell that difference. Women are, unfortunately, very often pretty bad at spotting the difference here. Maybe as they get older they can tell a little bit better.

But even if they’re in their 30s they can be pretty bad at this. And she just can’t tell the difference between a total dick and a guy who’s confident. The problem is you’re not confident, so she’s gonna go for the confident dick. That’s why she’s dating this guy. All your great qualities amount to nothing, if you’re too nice. If you’re not confident enough. If you basically seem like you can’t assert yourself and your needs. If you can’t assert your own needs with her, then how can you assert yourself in the relationship if you have problems, for example? She won’t trust you that you can actually lead the relationship. And so since she doesn’t trust you to lead the relationship, she still wants to get the emotional support from you but not in a relationship. She just wants to have it on the side while she fucks some other guys or more precisely, while some other guys are violently fucking her. She likes that. She likes the guy who’s the thrill. Who’s exciting! Where she doesn’t know fully what he’s all about and she can’t fully predict him. I think you are very predictable. She knows that you like her but you’re not taking action, so she’s kinda bored by that. And so she dates the guy who’s obviously the worst choice. And let’s see what you say. You lost touch.

Always Be Abundant With Women: When You Still Think Of Her After Years

I forgot what happened but I think maybe I ended our friendship and told her that I still had feelings for her. I honestly kinda forgot at this point. Anyway, that’s not the point. I just googled her out of curiosity.

I think you didn’t google her out of curiosity. I think you googled her out of lack of abundance. You googled her because of scarcity. Because you don’t have any other women in your life. You have nothing going on. And so you gotta google some chick who wasn’t into you, who dated some abusive guys. I would just give no fucks about this woman. Even if I liked her, at some point, I’d just be like “Yea, whatever! She obviously makes the wrong choices, so she’s not the right one for me!” So why are you googling her? It’s because of Oneitis. It’s because she’s the only woman on the planet for you.

If you would have more women then you wouldn’t give a shit about her. But here you are. This must have been quite some time because you already forgot how you lost touch and all that stuff. So it probably was a few years back, I’m assuming. It must be at least two years because you wouldn’t forget that fast. So why the fuck are you still thinking about her? That’s just kind of unusual. It just shows me that you’re prioritizing this woman way too much! You probably haven’t been part of each other’s lives for the longest time and you shouldn’t even give her the thought of the day. It doesn’t make sense.

She Got Married To A Total Jerk: The Sad Truth On Why Girls Love Bad Boys

I just thought about her for some reason and that’s when I found out that her last name changed and I just went ‘What the fuck?!’ She had a profile picture with this guy, proud wifey, and all that shit. And I’m just like what the fuck? This guy was a total asshole, didn’t appreciate her at all. And she goes on to marry the guy that she’d rant to me about who would treat her like shit. The fuck is wrong with women sometimes?! I mean come on! Look, I’m not perfect and I’m not saying she should’ve chosen me but if you just look at it objectively, we had amazing chemistry, I never mistreated her like that complete tool did over and over. Yet, a woman would rather date and even fucking marry someone like that over a guy who wouldn’t pull any of the shit this guy ever did.

It really makes you wonder sometimes if some women just lack any common sense! Why the hell would a woman make such piss poor decisions? No matter how you look at this objectively, it was just a very bad decision to stay with this guy, especially marrying him. It’s not even about me, I haven’t thought of her for two plus years so it’s not like I’m attached to her. I’d be happy for her if she actually found a decent man. Finding out that she married that guy out of all the men she could’ve possibly dated just shocked me. She was a really cute, beautiful and especially a really smart woman. She could do so much better. And yea, she wasn’t perfect either, she had flaws like anxiety but overall just nuts, man! Alright, so would love to hear your thoughts on this ‘what the fuck’ experience of mine.

Well, that’s the thing: Women don’t have that much common sense. Like I said: They think with their emotions, they think with their heart, they think with how they feel. They don’t have a checklist. Some women do have checklists and they’re kind of fucked up but most women don’t have a precise checklist. Most women don’t measure things. Most women are not as precise as we guys are. Most guys, they think things through very carefully with a pros and cons list. We always weigh the pros and cons. We think about everything rationally. Basically, we think the same way that we would think when we buy a laptop or when we buy some new GPU or something like that. You know, you think carefully “Do I wait for the next GPU generation to come out or do I get this GPU? It uses 50 more watt and that’s gonna blablabla, or do I get this case, or this case?” We think about everything very rationally. Women don’t. In a way, women are kind of like Neanderthals or monkeys. Now, I don’t want to put women down but I’m just trying to simplify this.

Women think like this: “Me feel good! Me like man! Me date man!” That’s how women basically think when they date. If it feels good, they will date him and then she gets stuck in this situation for too long and she doesn’t know probably how to get out of it. She invested too much and she probably thinks “I can change this guy,” and then she thinks “oh if I marry him then everything is gonna be better,” or “if we have children everything is gonna get better!” Of course, it’s not gonna get better because he’s a fucking dick. But the problem is that you’re not recognizing the good parts of him. He’s a total dick, he doesn’t treat her right and I would never say that you should be like that. That’s not really worth promoting and it’s certainly not worth being that kind of guy. You should be a king, you should be a beloved king, not a tyrant, basically. He’s a tyrant, obviously, so there’s nothing good about this. She also, by the way, has flaws, she has anxiety so that’s another reason why she’s dating this guy because she’s not perfect either. But the thing is you’re not recognizing that he has some good qualities. He’s probably very confident.

Let’s be real: It definitely takes balls to treat a woman like shit. He probably goes for what he wants even though that’s very often I guess not the right thing but he at least he does it and that seems confident and it seems sexy and attractive sometimes. Not all the times, but she just can’t resist it. He’s an alpha male and you are a beta male. You’re just on the sidelines when you go out on dates and you’re having good chemistry, but you’re not seducing her, you’re not making a move. You’re basically far away. You’re sitting on the other side of the table and you’re not making any moves. It’s very unattractive and so no matter how nice you are, just being nice is not everything that a woman wants. I used to think that I gotta be a nice guy. I gotta be perfect and I gotta be the idealized version of myself and I thought that I gotta be like the guy that you see in movies and all that stuff. That is bullshit! No woman wants a guy like that! Women want a man who excites them, who’s unpredictable, who sometimes is aggressive, sometimes is out of control, sometimes says clearly what he wants, sometimes says “No I don’t like this“, sometimes pushes her around and shoves her on the bed and wants to fuck her wildly.

Women want excitement. That doesn’t mean that they want to be disrespected or mistreated. It doesn’t mean that they want to be lied to, or want to be beaten up, or be abused. Of course, they don’t want that but they do want the excitement. And then, unfortunately, because that’s how you get into the relationship first with the excitement, they sometimes then bullshit themselves and think that they can fix it and, of course, they can never fix it. So you gotta take some advice from this guy actually. Don’t be a dick, don’t be a tool, don’t be someone who doesn’t give a shit about his girlfriend, obviously. That’s just fucking stupid. If you do that you’re just a fucking loser, and you’re a fucking user, and that’s not something that you should aspire for, but you should definitely take his advice or take something with you from his behavior, because he knows how to really seduce a woman. He knows how to go for what he wants. That’s really attractive to a woman.

So even though he didn’t know how to treat her right in the relationship, before the relationship he made her feel really great. He made her feel tingly. Maybe he sent her nasty messages and he made her wet. And even just when texting with him she thought about wanting to have sex with this guy. So that’s how you gotta approach this. Turn her on. You gotta be more direct and more transparent with what you want. A lot of guys always hide what they want from a woman. “Oh no, I don’t want sex, I’m a nice guy.” “No, I wanna fuck you.” You don’t have to say it like that, I wanna fuck you. But if you’re chatting with her and you have a good moment, then there’s no problem with saying something really nasty that basically says you wanna fuck her. You’re not saying it outright. Sometimes you can say that. If you’re getting there you can definitely say it. But not always. You don’t have to always say that.

But you gotta clearly show her “Hey, I want you.” You never did that, that’s why she dated this fucking loser. And so that’s my final advice. That is basically the explanation why I guess you could say nice guys always finish last. You’re too much of a nice guy, that’s why you’re not getting laid, essentially. And you had really great chemistry. You could probably have married this woman because it sounds like you got along quite well. But all your chemistry and how well you get along means nothing if you don’t know how to seduce her, if you don’t make a move. It’s fucking useless. So learn how to seduce women. That’s my advice for you. Let me know in the comments what you think. Give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and never forget to unleash the king within.

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