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Women And Their Overinflated Ego?! They’re Women To Avoid!

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Watch the subtitled video above if you prefer to listen to my advice.

In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about entitled women. Women who have issues. Women who flake. Women who just treat you like a convenience. Women who want you just for free dinner. There are all kinds of really horrible women out there and it’s ultimately about dating choices. Are you making the right choice? Are you making the wrong choices? You can date a really great woman, or you date a really shitty woman. And as we’re gonna go through this video, I have a situation from a guy or mostly just a rant, I guess, about the women that he’s dating.

And it’s all about who do you date… What kind of woman do you choose to date? And how quickly do you move on from a woman who just sucks? Basically. Ultimately, dating is a numbers game, and you can either get stuck with that one shitty woman, or maybe two, or maybe three, or you just move forward and you find a great woman. And maybe you need some iterations, but if you keep moving, you’re gonna find a great woman. So let’s see what I have to say about the situation, or his little rant.

Is Red Pill A Trap: Some Women’s Standards Are Unrealistic But There Are Still Good Women

Hey coach, I am so tired of dating women who are too entitled. I am by no means a big red piller, but I am so annoyed by the women who always want special treatment, but never have the decency and integrity to treat a man the same way.

So I’m gonna pause here for a moment and I’m gonna talk about red pill a little bit. So the thing with red pill movement is that you gotta be awake, right? You wake up to all of these truths in dating, and that’s good, but the problem with red pill is sometimes that things get over-exaggerated. So a lot of red pillers have really bad opinions about women. They’re too entitled. They all just want to use you. She was never yours, it was only your turn. They’re all narcissistic. And they all just want your money. They’re all gold diggers. Blah blah. All of this stuff. But of course, that is not the truth.

Because let’s say, for example, women would say all men are fuckboys. All men always just want one thing. They’re pigs. They just want to fuck. They just want women in bed. They just don’t care about their emotions. They don’t care about anything as long as they’re horny and they can get their dicks wet. But is that really the truth? No, of course not. Right? There are fuckboys out there and then there are a lot of good guys out there who are relationship material, and they can assert themselves, they’re alpha males, they go for what they want, they go for sex as well, but they’re ultimately great guys to be with. Right? It’s the same thing with women. There are some shitty women out there. Yes. But there are also a ton of great women out there. It’s all about finding that great woman. It’s all about making the right choices. And so you say that you want a woman who treats you with integrity, who is not too entitled, who has decency and treats you the same way that you want to be treated.

So clearly, you are a certain type of man. You are, for example, not the stereotypical fuckboy that some women believe that is out there. So that tells me you’re just right for exactly that kind of woman who has decency & integrity. There are women out there like this. There are a lot of them actually out there. It’s just sometimes you get unlucky or you have a bad streak and you shouldn’t let yourself get demotivated by this. I know it’s really hard but that’s just really important to remind yourself because actually, it’s fine to be a red piller, but it’s important that you don’t get down into this rabbit hole of “all women are bad” because they’re not all bad. You can find a great woman. So embrace that mindset because if you tell yourself that all women have no decency, no integrity, guess what? You’re going to meet a woman who might have decency, who might have integrity, and you think she doesn’t or you paint the picture of her that’s not accurate. Maybe you judge her too fast. So that’s just something important to recognize.

Entitled Dating: She Just Wants Free Dinner? Dating Women You Should Not Marry Is Your Choice!

There are so many women out there now who act like they are the queens of the world, clearly using their privilege of being hot to get what they want from a man, like free dinner, but then they act all shocked when a man actually is going out with them with the wish to have sex with them. It’s like women these days think that we are charity organizations and just want to treat a woman left and right. That we got nothing better to do than to chase her like a simp.

Well, yeah, the thing that you have to recognize with these kinds of women is that they know exactly what they’re doing. I’ve noticed this a lot lately. I am really paying a lot of attention to what women are like on the dating scene. I’m matching with a lot of women right now in Jakarta, for example, and I try to figure out what are their dating experiences like because I wanna just figure out what is their life like when they’re dating. And I notice there are really two types of women. There are women who are relatively inexperienced with dating because they don’t go on dating apps so often. So it’s kind of a very casual thing. And then there are women who are on dating apps all the time and they know their worth. They know that their body, their sex appeal, is what sells. And so they know yes, they can get free dinner, but then like you say, they get butthurt because they don’t want to give you sex. So they use their sex appeal. They know exactly that this is what gives them what they want. But they don’t want to give. They only want to take. Now, if you’re with a woman like this, there’s nothing that you can do. You just gotta dump her. She’s a shitty woman. Look, if a woman knows her sex appeal and she uses it to get the things in life, that’s great, as long as she’s also willing to give. So sex, for example.

Now, I’m not saying that any woman you know just needs to fuck you because you treated her to dinner. That is bullshit, of course, but of course, a woman should know that there are some expectations here. At the very least, if you’re going out, you are hoping that you get closer to her. And if this is the kind of woman that you’re dating, well, you’re just simply dating the wrong woman. And I can typically tell on dating apps the kind of woman who’s not the right match, because they just have something off about them. So for example, I matched with this really cute girl about a week ago. She was really hot. Pretty much my type. Well actually, no, she wasn’t my type, but I just liked her. She looked really nice. And then I got her IG and she just turned out to be very materialistic relatively quickly. It took me about one, or one and a half days to figure out that this girl is very materialistic, that we probably would clash, and even though I think with my dick, I can tell this probably would be trouble, or at the very least, it would be a relationship that wouldn’t make me happy. So you gotta pay attention to that and you gotta make wise choices. So maybe you’re just matching with the wrong women and you’re thinking too much with your dick. Of course, you want a hot woman. You want the woman who really turns you on.

But you gotta make smart decisions and one more thing that I want to mention here is… I noticed something about hot women. My take is that typically, if you want to meet a great hot woman, right, she’s attractive and smart… This is not always the case but very often, it’s much easier to actually meet this kind of woman in person, so organically, out in person. If you are in a bar. If you’re in a social setting. Something like that. Because as I said, a lot of these women on Tinder, for example, they know what they’re selling. They know what they can get. And they’re basically very aware that they can use this social capital to their benefit. Now, I noticed that there are a lot of hot women who are not on dating apps because they actually gave up because they’re not about this. They don’t care about this. They just want a great guy and they’re kind of similar to how you are. Disillusioned. And they’re just giving up on dating. They’re stopping dating apps and you’re only gonna meet them in person. That’s where you meet these great hot women.

So that’s something also to consider. That sometimes, it’s not the best idea to match with these really, really freaking hot women on dating apps. It is kind of tricky because they have a lot of competition as well. I mean, there’s a lot of competition with other guys. So there is always the chance that there’s going to be a lot of trouble on the horizon. And so you should think twice before you match with a woman who is just absolutely smoking hot. It would be much better to meet this woman in person. Somewhere, such as… Personally, I hang out by the beach and there you just run into really freaking hot women randomly sometimes that you would never meet on a dating app. And that’s probably the perks of living by the beach, but you get the idea. Those kind of conversations are just much better.

A few years ago, I unfortunately broke up with this girl because I was thinking too much with my dick back then, but I matched this really great girl a few years ago and the only reason why we matched is because she actually bumped into me on the beach, and she was amazing. She was really great and I should have never broken up before. That was really stupid. I was just too horny back then, but that’s just the point I’m trying to make here. That you can find these really great women in person and they are not necessarily on these dating apps and they are not entitled. So that’s something to consider.

Low Value Woman Traits: A Woman Obsessed With Her Looks Is More Likely To Be Narcissistic

I noticed that especially the hottest women on dating apps are those who have the meanest and shittiest behavioral patterns. Flaking, ghosting, super delayed responses. They do this kind of shit and expect the man to still chase them, and it’s almost as if they get a little bit of a thrill out of it. Sometimes I feel like it’s all a game to these kind of women and they don’t care about how this actually makes us men feel. My question to you is, since there are so many women out there who have an over-inflated ego, who don’t value men at all, expect for using them for free dinner, then how do you go about dating a woman who’s kind and respects a man as equally as I respect the woman? I don’t want to go on dates with women who always play these mind games, but of course, I also want to date a gorgeous woman. But it’s like these two things are mutually exclusive. So what to do about these frustrating women?

So it’s just like I said: Dating apps sometimes are kind of tricky and the things that you just mentioned… What is the list of things? Flaking, ghosting, super delayed responses… Basically, very disrespectful behavior… If a woman is like that, you should never date her. That’s probably a woman who might have even narcissism. She might be a little bit narcissistic, or NPD. So this is just the kind of woman who is just, in general, very unhealthy. And just as I said, most likely, you’re going to find a much better woman just in person. But also, if you date a really, really hot woman, she might have this over-inflated ego and she doesn’t care because she can literally have any man.

Now, look, for example, I’m gonna take me as an example, because obviously, I’m very educated with dating. I have a lot of game. I can have a lot of women and so I don’t care about choices. I can just reject the woman. I don’t care about having sex with her because I know literally next week I could have another woman. So I don’t really care and so I have probably more options than the average kind of guy because I’m very well educated on this. Right, that makes sense. So I’m a little bit more like a woman in terms of my options. Certainly not even close to a woman on Tinder who’s fairly attractive but I have a lot of options. But the thing is, despite having these options, I don’t give a shit! At some point, you just stop giving a shit. There are only two types of people. People who care about this validation, who need this validation. Or people who are healthy, who don’t need validation. Now, this is a bit of an over-exaggeration, maybe a bit of a generalization, but if she, for example, wears too much makeup, if she looks too fake, I would not date this kind of woman because I could tell that she cares about validation. So if she looks a little bit too perfect, too good to be true, then it is typically too good to be true. So if you’re matching with these women that just seem like they’re just a little bit too picture-perfect, there’s something wrong with that. You just kind of develop a little bit of like a spidey sense over time that they’re probably having a really weak ego.

So you think that they have an over-inflated ego, but a lot of the time, these women actually have really weak egos. They need validation from men. They need to tell to themselves that they are beautiful, that they are valued, and you can just see it. I looked for indonesian teachers a few weeks ago and there was this one Indonesian teacher, she actually lives here in Bali, so very convenient, and I just looked at her picture and her IG is just like way too much makeup. I can just tell right away that this girl is very materialistic and I have a feeling that she’s probably very insecure. And that’s the type of woman that you just don’t want to date. And she might also be, she could be kind of a dick on dating apps. This kind of girl. I’m not saying that she is… I don’t know her, but you gotta be careful. I would rather go out with a woman who doesn’t look so perfect but I know that she’s sweet, that she’s down to earth, that she’s caring, that she’s affectionate, that she cares about her feelings and being treated right by a guy. She doesn’t care about the dinner. She cares about quality time with a guy.

So how do you get a woman who actually respects a man? Well, be with a woman who wants to be respected. Be with a woman who actually cares about this. Be with a woman who cares about more than the fact that you like her looks. You gotta be with a woman who wants you to like what’s inside her heart. That sounds super cheesy, but that’s the truth. That’s the reality. You want to be with a woman who is not so much focused on the outside. She’s focused on what’s inside of her heart. A woman who’s very conscious, who thinks about her communication patterns, her thought patterns, her trauma, her problems in life. A woman who’s just really decent, and smart, and intelligent, and who’s just not stupid as fuck. So that’s just something to consider.

Actually, that’s very important. A woman who’s not stupid as fuck. A woman who’s educated. That’s very important because a woman who’s not educated, she wants to be with a guy who actually is smart as well. So you could also look at, for example, what kind of education does she have, or what does she do? So, for example, I recently matched with a great girl and I’m talking back and forth with her. I’m probably gonna go on a date very soon and she’s great. She works at a bank and she seems very intelligent. And I could just tell from the looks on her pictures, right away, and from her profile description, I could tell this seems like she’s a decent girl. She’s a decent woman. And our conversations just reflected that. So if your conversations for example don’t reflect that, thank you, next! Just move on to the next woman and don’t waste your time!

There Are Only Two Types Of Women: A Girl Dating Multiple Guys At Once Or A Girl Making You The One

And worse, some women seem to think that they are entitled to getting affection from any guy. A week ago the craziest shit happened to me. I matched with a really hot woman on Tinder and we were about to meet up for lunch. So I sat at a coffee shop and then when she arrived, she sat down next to me and she didn’t realize that she was sitting down next to me. She hadn’t noticed me yet, so I sent her a message and I saw her phone light up. So that’s where the funny part happened, or the kind of f up part. So then, when she got the notification, I saw her a lock screen was the picture of another guy lol.

So clearly, she was dating some other guy. We then had lunch and I actually tried to poke a little bit at her current dating situation, what her last boyfriend was like, to try and see if she talked about the guy she’s dating. And you could tell she was avoiding the topic. The poor guy has no idea that his woman is cheating on him. It goes without saying after this lunch I never talked with her again because this was shady AF. This is what I’m talking about. Women these days are fucked up and it’s annoying as hell. I just want to avoid these shitty women but I don’t really know how or what I should do about the situation. So what are your thoughts on this?

Well, look here are my thoughts on this. The reality is: You can never fully avoid these kinds of women. So this woman obviously was trash. Whether she was in a long-term relationship or she just started dating this guy, obviously, it’s kind of shady and you moved on. Now, you can as said…. I mentioned some things how to spot the right kind of woman, and this can work most of the time. It will work, but it won’t always work, right? There’s always gonna be a scenario where you perceive a woman to be great and you misjudge her character and she’s actually really shitty. What can you do? The only thing that you’re doing, basically: Moving on. And you’re doing the right thing.

So I said at the beginning of the video that dating is a numbers game. You can choose to stick around or you just move on really quickly. And you gotta repeat. More numbers. More numbers. And it’s as I said at the beginning of the video. It’s about recognizing that not all women are like this. And so the problem is, of course, if you don’t keep going, if you don’t consider it as a numbers game, you will just get stuck. Right, so let’s say, for example, let’s just take an example of a guy who’s really inexperienced. Hypothetically, let’s say he’s 22 and he’s just starting to date. Maybe he’s 20. He’s a bit of a late bloomer and he’s never really dated. He doesn’t have much game and now he’s finally starting to date. And the first woman sucks. The second woman that he dates also sucks. Maybe a third woman as well. Okay, maybe that’s already unlikely, but let’s say he dated three women in a row and he has no experience. What’s gonna happen? Of course, he’s gonna give up. He’s gonna think all of these women really suck and then either he’s gonna give up and not date for a while at all, or he’s just gonna have sex. He’s gonna be only in it for the sex because he’s very disappointed with their characters. And if he would then pause and just stop, of course, he would be stuck in a loop. He would stop dating because he thinks there are no great women, because he thinks that these few experiences, these one, two, three women that he dated are all the women on the planet.

And of course, that is not the truth. So it’s all about basically not becoming bitter. If you meet these shitty women, don’t become bitter, bitter, bitter. Bon’t become bitter. Be positive. Man, I think this is the most important thing in life, in general. Be a positive kind of person. A positive man who always looks on the bright side. When I encounter something really shitty, I always look on the bright side. Holy shit! I have had so many shitty things happen to me since I’ve arrived here. I had problems with the visa. I had problems with my leg. I had a super bad injury. I got COVID. Now my laptop kind of semi-broke. Fortunately, I can still record but the battery is basically fucked and I probably can’t get it repaired. That’s the same thing with dating. You gotta look on the bright side. Look, I had like so many fucked up things happening in just the first month here in Bali. Four shitty things! So I’m just waiting for dengue fever to happen, then I probably had all the bad things that could possibly happen to me, and then life is great.

You can choose to be really bitter and about shitty things that happen to you in life, or just be like yeah, whatever, sometimes you have a bad streak, move forward. And guess what? In a month from now I will probably have the best streak of my life and I had so many fucked up things happen to me, but in a month from now, I will probably not even remember these bad things that happened to me. It’s the same thing with dating. Sometimes you have bad times when dating. You meet some shitty women. But all of these shitty women amount to nothing. They just don’t matter if you meet that one great woman. So keep going. Keep dating. And I know it can be disheartening at times, but that’s really the only thing that you can do. Stay positive. You got this. I think that you’re a decent guy. That you truly care about the quality of a woman. And so just keep moving forward.

And there are so many great high quality women out there. It’s just sometimes it seems like we can’t see that because we match with these hot women. We match with really great women. Well, not really great women… We match with really attractive women on Tinder and Bumble. We think a bit too much with our dicks & then we make mistakes. So sometimes, you just have to course correct a little bit. Maybe you’re thinking too much with your dick. Think more with your brain and with your heart. And I think then you’re gonna meet a better woman, or as I said, also just meet them in person. It’s typically easy to meet a great woman just in person. Go out to events, to workshops, to music concerts, book clubs, whatever the fuck you like. And social settings, basically, where you can run into great women. So that is my advice for you. Let me know in the comments what you think. Stay positive, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and never forget to unleash the king within.

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