Poke The Bear Framed Poster




The bear attack. Every man has to confront it.

In every man’s life comes a moment when he has to make a hard choice.

Do I approach that girl over that who smiled at me?

Do I quit my job and go all-in with my side business?

Do I ask her out on a date with me?

Do I give up, or do I keep going?

Whenever we are faced with an opportunity to move forward and change the course of our lives, we all start to feel terrified as if a violent bear is blocking our way, standing tall and shouting:

“You shouldn’t do this. What if this doesn’t work out? If you fail, I am going to eat you!”

We all stop and pause in the face of the bear. Its claws & teeth seem real. We start thinking that if we go for what we want, there’s a chance that we’ll fall and the bear is going to attack us.

But we all know there’s no real bear. It’s a fake inside your head. You know you’ll be fine if you back away. And that is the big problem of our society.

Sometimes I wish that we would be confronted with a real bear whenever we feel like backing away from a challenge. Because if there was a real bear, ready to devour us unless we slay it…

Oh boy! I assure you, you would get your ass moving! But because the bear isn’t real, you can ignore the challenge.

Attack the bear & face the challenge? That could hurt!

Run from the bear & forsake the challenge? Zero hurt.

You know what you’re going to choose. Every human is wired to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. It’s called the pain-pleasure principle. We would rather do something that we KNOW brings us pain one year from now, as long as we can gain pleasure RIGHT NOW.

If only there were a real bear…

... that would probably get us moving!

That fake bear in your head? It is up to YOU to make it real!

The next time you run into a mesmerizing woman, and you feel like backing away from the challenge, make that bear real. Give it power. That bear’s power is the pain you will feel a year from now if you ignore your challenge. Rise to it and overcome it, or suffer the consequences!

If you don’t talk to the woman who takes your breath away, man, who knows? You could literally not breathe next year due to loneliness & anxiety attacks! Every action or inaction has a cause & effect.

When the bear is standing tall in front of you, give it power! Make yourself aware of the cause & effect of all the bad things that will happen if you don’t take action. And use the pain-pleasure principle to your advantage!

Of course, you want pleasure…

Isn’t there anything more pleasurable than conquering the challenge and talk to the beautiful woman who scared you 10 minutes ago & then find yourself waking up next to her EVERY SINGLE DAY a month later?

That’s the kind of pleasure you SHOULD seek out.

So when you face your challenge, don’t look away. Stare right into the belly of the beast & poke that bear until it no longer stands in your way!


Product Description

Make a statement in any room with this framed poster, printed on thick, durable, matte paper. The matte black frame that's made from wood from renewable forests adds an extra touch of class.

• Alder, semi-hardwood .75″ thick frame from renewable forests
• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil (0.26 mm)
• Paper weight: 5.57 oz/y² (189 g/m²)
• Lightweight
• Acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware included
• Blank product components in the US sourced from Japan and the US
• Blank product components in the EU sourced from Japan and Latvia

Copyright © 2021 Andy Graziosi. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions

Copyright © 2021 Andy Graziosi. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions