This SIMPLE BEHAVIOR CHANGE Helps You Get Your Ex Back Even If You Made A Lot Of Mistakes

Heres How To Re-Attract Her & Make Her Commit

Turn Your Sound ON! 

If your ex ignores you, it means she LOST RESPECT for you. Here’s how you fix that easily👇!

There’s a 3-Step-Process to help you find back to your former self. This is the only way to win her back…

Most men who miss their ex and want her to come back do the exact opposite of what’s necessary to get back together. They’ll google “how to get your ex back“, stumble upon the “no contact rule” and they’ll be told that everything needed to make them miss you is to not talk to their ex and use the 30 day no contact rule or 60 day no contact rule and Shazam…! Your ex will reach out you and you will get back together. It’s not that simple & sets you up for even more daily anxiety, reducing your chances to win your ex back.

Most men never focus on what to do after a breakup to feel better. Instead, they focus on what to do after a breakup to get her back. But here’s the big secret to getting an ex back: Getting an ex back is only 20% about understanding what your ex is thinking during no contact. The other 80% are about being the man your ex can fall in love with again.

Are you following the 80/20 rule to get your ex back? Or are you doing all the wrong things?!

Do you want your ex back? Stop thinking about them! One of the biggest mistakes during no contact is to obsess over an ex and how to play 4D-Chess to outmaneuver her with every move. This is a false notion. The no-contact rule is not about reattracting an ex. It’s about being the man your ex can’t help but be attracted to. The best advice to get an ex back is to stop obsessing over an ex. Instead, you have to begin obsessing over what made her fall in love with you and finding back to this version of yourself.

Your ex is a queen and she wants to be with her king. Using the no contact rule method as a waiting game is foolish, because that approach is a disaster waiting to happen. What do you think is going to happen if you use the no contact rule to get her back but once she comes back, she will find you in the same desperate, insecure state that you’re currently in? She’s going to reject you. She’s going to ghost you. She’s going to friendzone you. And she is going to leave you again.

This program is the best breakup motivation to help you stop feeling helpless, disoriented and lost after your breakup. If you feel stuck and anxious that getting your ex back seems impossible, then this action-focused approach to manifest your ex back is perfect for you.

Are you just waiting for a miracle to happen? Or are you willing to make this work?!

What you need is a solid get her back action plan, not only a few psychological hacks that are supposed to magically get your ex crawling back. Yes, you will learn all the most important breakup psychology, but this program goes far beyond that.

I won’t bullshit you with all the stuff you want to hear. This program tells you what you need to hear. For example, trying to make an ex come back crawling on her feet is messed up and the worst mindset to get an ex back. That ain’t love — it’s obsession. Your ex can feel when you are obsessed with her & she won’t respect you if she can sense that she’s got all the power.

In this program, I’ll teach you how to handle a break up like a man, to return to being the self-developed, masculine man that your woman fell in love with in the first place, and even better, we will transform you from your current state of heartbreak anxiety, into a king who will inspire your ex, make her question her decision to break up, and make your ex miss you.

Not with break up manipulation, but instead, through no contact encouragement that changes your life and leads to you and your ex texting & dating again. The PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint follows an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to set you up for success with your ex girlfriend.

It will leave you inspired by instilling a new mindset that makes your ex gravitate around your new-found masculine strength. Most importantly, because I know you are already overwhelmed with your current situation, this program will not drown you in an endless stream of knowledge that you couldn’t possibly remember, instead, we will focus on the most crucial psychological principles and move on to real steps you can take to reattract your ex. 

Here’s how guys do no contact…

  1. They read a bit about No Contact or watch some videos on YouTube & then they think they got it all figured out
  2. They start going No Contact
  3. They contact their ex impulsively or lose their shit when she reaches out 💥💥💥… Wait, what?!

Something’s missing between Step #2 and Step #3!

I worked with many men who wanted their ex back, and together we discovered exactly what’s missing. Their successes in winning their exes back revealed the secret formula of what separates men who get their ex back from those who fail.

If you want to get your ex back, you’ll need to…

  1. Understand what no contact does to your ex & what other psychological principles relate to it
  2. Master your own mind & learn to be OK with staying no contact by overcoming your post-breakup anxiety
  3. Move forward with strength & use your breakup pain to transform yourself into your ideal vision with real, massive action

… and then go your own way.

Suddenly, when you least expect it, you’ll hear from her. And you won’t mess it up like other men do.

When this happens, you will feel like an absolute king. Instead of freaking out at the mere thought of her messaging you, you’ll show her your confidence. When she reaches out, you’ll be ready reconnect & rekindle the relationship. And she’ll want you to seduce her again.

This is why I crafted the PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint…

The PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint gives you a comprehensive, guided growth blueprint to overcome your breakup anxiety in order to become the high-value, confident man your ex fell in love with.

With this new-found confidence you’ll reattract her with little effort.

The program teaches you the most essential “how to get your ex back” secrets backed by science, psychological human behavior patterns & psychological biases, as well as research about breakups & relationships.

It is designed to guide you through the right action steps to prevent further mistakes with your ex girlfriend, recover from the mistakes you’ve already made, and prepares you to reconnect with your ex girlfriend in a way that feels natural to her & makes her want to let you back into her life.

Most videos include meaningful growth exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). These put you back on track with your life. Throughout the program, you will learn how to use the no contact rule effectively to give her space and time she needs to reach out to you again.

If you have been begging and pleading, this will help you relieve your breakup anxiety, bring back your dignity and make your ex rediscover her trust & respect for you, so she will fall in love with you again.

Your ex wants to be with a true king — and this program helps you get back to a king’s mindset during no contact.

Who This Get Your Ex Back
Training Program Is For

Hey king,
I will not yet sell you on joining the PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint.
Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for.

If it is for you, keep reading.

This Program Is For:

  • Men who chased, begged & pleaded too much. Have you overstepped your exes boundaries? Do you wish to undo the damage and fix the lack of trust she has for you?
  • Men who struggle with anxiety or panic attacks because they miss their ex girlfriend so much. Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you struggle to focus at work? Do you want to find peace of mind that you can really get your ex back without going insane?
  • Men who want to find their strength again & prove to their ex that pushing through with the breakup was a mistake. Are you lost & have forgotten what you should do with your life now that she is gone? 
  • Men who feel overwhelmed by their countless questions about what their ex is feeling. Do you want a simple hands-on process for getting your ex back without having to get a PhD in breakup psychology?
  • Men who want to fight for their relationship rather than throwing in the towel without even trying to reconcile. Do you have a “support system” of friends & family who encourage you to just move on and accept that she wasn’t the right one for you?

How To Become The Confident Man Again Who Your Ex-Girlfriend Respects & Loves

If you don’t believe in yourself and your value, then your ex-girlfriend will never see your value, and she’ll never take you back. The best “ex-back pickup lines” in the world won’t bring her back if she doesn’t feel you have changed.

When you start to believe in yourself again, become confident & see the king within you, your ex will see you as the “perfect package” again and she will naturally come back to reevaluate the breakup with you — it’s a no-brainer for her!

By signing up, you’ll learn the most crucial breakup psychology secrets as well as my advanced, powerful philosophies & paradigm shifts that will make your ex feel inspired by you & chase you again.

All it takes to reach your goal is to follow three crucial steps… Explained in the…

PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint

The Secret 3-Step-Process To Re-Attract Your Ex

Step 1

Understand Her Breakup Psychology

  • The truth of about No Contact’s origin — and why understanding the surprising reason for why it was invented in the first place helps you understand the TRUE purpose of going your own way until she reaches out to you again.
  • The breakup biases that you must avoid: After a breakup there are certain biases & psychological principles that explain why and how you need to go no contact in order to avoid your ex feeling more & more alienated from you. Your goal is to understand how breakups impact both your ex’s and your own psychology so that you rationally do the exact opposite of what she thinks is going to happen next — this is what triggers her to reach out.
  • What happens if she blocked you — and how to recover from extreme anger and frustration that your ex feels towards you. Most men freak out if this happens & then stop focusing on the more important issue: How to avoid further tension after she eventually calms down. Learn how to avoid further tension between the two of you.
  • How to handle rebounds & new relationships: Your ex is highly likely (stats in the course!) to end up dating someone else before she reconsiders dating you again. What you do when she is dating other men is crucial to avoid not making things worse & driving her into another man’s arms forever.
  • How much no contact is right? Stay friends?! Learn the right approach when you go no contact. It’s scary to go full no contact and effectively no longer be lovers, friends, and stay in touch on social media. You need the right strategy to not burn bridges, but also not reward your ex for walking away from the relationship.

Step 2

Master Your Breakup Anxiety

  • Pay attention to your bad breakup habits: Learn why your breakup is like an addiction and how it completely freezes you in your tracks. Your first step to achieve progress has to be to realize how your breakup makes you do counterproductive things you normally wouldn’t do — nothing turns your ex off more than doubling down on your bad breakup habits.
  • Fix your ex-girlfriend obsession: Learn why your ex leaving you triggers many biases that drive you absolutely crazy — and learn how you can overcome these obsessions so that you no longer chase your ex too much and instead, spend your time focused on creating personal growth breakthrough.
  • Gain clarity on what made the relationship fail — and in the process, master the biggest secret to sticking to no contact like a boss & reattracting her. Ex-girlfriends are always more aligned with what went wrong. She wants to see that you understand what lead to the breakup and that you are using that knowledge to become a better lover.

Step 3

Transform Into The Man She Will Love Again

  • Break the “Too much focus on your ex” cycle: Learn why you are not growing & why your ex will outgrow you if you don’t stop focusing on her. Get the tools to change your daily routine by becoming laser-focused on what matters to her: That you’re on top of your game & attractive as a man
  • Set ambitious goals that improve every angle: Learn how to set goals that both improve your shortcomings, as well as hone in on your strengths. Your ex hopes that you’ll stop your negative patterns and instead, become more of the man whom she fell in love with for his strengths. 
  • Master your fears that you can’t change: Learn how to turn your ambitious goals into reality by challenging your (understandably) low confidence in yourself. Become the force of nature your ex will respect again because you don’t only set goals — you work towards them with confidence.
  • Get out of your comfort zone: Learn how to use your current social network and how to upgrade it for more confidence, massive change & personal development — and on the side, make her realize that you are a changed man.


Reap The Rewards When She Reaches Out

  • No Contact For How Long? Learn what to do if you haven’t heard from her. What to do if she hasn’t reached out yet or if it has been a very long time since you went No Contact?
  • Learn how to respond to your ex — by learning how you respond emotionally when she reaches out to you. Learn the psychology of what, how & when to say things to your ex. And learn what not to do when she reaches out.
  • How to seal the deal: Learn what to do when you start talking again and go out on your first date or meetup. How to seduce her & get back to a great relationship?

Profound Breakup, Growth, & No-Contact Worksheets To Help You Maximize Your Results 

Designed For REAL Progress

Bombarding you with a bunch of theory is all nice and well, but all the No Contact Psychology Theory in the world will not solve your problems if you’re unable to turn theoretic no-contact advice into meaningful, actionable steps to help you make real progress.

The hardest part about no contact is having the resilience to stick to it when you least feel like doing so. This program helps you become resilient in the face of hardship with your ex.

Men who get their ex back don’t just practice theory. They use the knowledge they learn to transform themselves into an absolute king. The kind of king whom their ex falls back in love with.

The program comes with 13 carefully designed worksheets. All worksheets are based on breakup science & help you avoid dangerous mental traps that sabotage your ex-back chances.

Each worksheet uses the transformative power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to drastically improve your mental health & your chances of reattracing your ex.


There’s something even worse than losing your ex-girlfriend forever!

Losing a great woman is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can make your life miserable… 

… but what is worse, finding a new relationship means going on countless dates with not-so-great women. And dating is EXPENSIVE for men! The average man spends $861 PER YEAR going on dates. Finding a new woman results in a lot of time, money and effort wasted. And you may not ever find a woman who is as great as your ex.

And terrifyingly, every new relationship with a new woman increases your chance of having a divorce. Divorces cost easily $10,000 just on legal fees, alimony not even included! It is better to try and fix the relationship that you have already nurtured, than start a new one with an much higher likelihood of failure.

Do you want to kickstart a cycle of even worse relationships? Or improve your old one?!

Getting your shit together and rekindling your relationship with your ex is a no-brainer. The best option for any man is to stick to one woman, and sort out their differences. Rather than slowly digging your financial and emotional grave, dedicate yourself towards rebuilding yourself with confidence.

Find out what did not work in your relationship with your ex and re-attract her so you can both get back into a committed relationship that makes both of you happier. Neither of you wants to waste your time on meaningless casual dating. It will make both of you more miserable than you already feel right now.

She doesn’t want that as much as you don’t want it. But it’s up to you to make it possible for the both of you to get back together.

So prepare yourself to rekindle your relationship!

You Receive A 60-Day

“Breakup Peace” Guarantee

I want you to feel safe, secure & worry-free as you purchase the PhoenEx 3-Step Blueprint. I want you to set yourself up for success to reattract your ex & get back together and so the last thing I’d want for you is stressed about money.

You Get Our 60-Day “Breakup Peace Guarantee”

If you participate in the program and you don’t resonate with the curriculum, then I believe you deserve your money back.

This allows you to go through the program at your own pace in 60 days, and use what you learn to find anxiety relief & get ready to talk to your ex without screwing it up.

In 60 days you’ll get back to your old former self — the king your ex first fell in love with. Or you get 100% of your money back.

The one condition is that you send your exercises to prove you went through the program.

Now It’s Your Time To Join!

This is the most transformational ex back reattraction training for men you can take. It has been meticulously designed to incorporate break research insights to help you overcome your breakup anxiety and make your ex fall back in love with you.

I want to invite you to make the decision to commit to yourself, a new & better relationship with your ex, and commit to your future with the woman of your dreams waking up next to you every morning.

Register now, and I’ll see you inside!



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